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Using Createspace: Ordering Copies of Your Own Paperback Book.

Using Createspace: Ordering Copies of Your Own Paperback Book.


Ordering copies of your own title from Createspace are termed “Member orders”.

Authors who understand the benefits of the print-on-demand process and have opted to use the Amazon-owned company, Createspace,  to handle the printing and shipping of their paperback title, might at some point need a large quantity of the paperback, printed and shipped to a certain physical location. Obviously the author would not want to pay the same price for ordering their own title as the customer would. Relax, Createspace has you covered.

The reasons for ordering quantities of your own title from Createspace are numerous, for example:

  • You might need to ship copies of your title to a partner who plans to promote your paperback at an event in another country.
  • You might need physical copies of your paperback title ready in time for your next book signing or promotion.


It goes without saying that you should only be ordering large quantities of your title after your paperback title has been approved, published and now appears live in the Createspace eStore. (You would already have seen and approved the proof-copy that was shipped to you during the review stage of publishing.)

Here is what Createspace has to say about member orders:

“Orders you place for your title are referred to as Member Orders. When you order copies of your own book, you pay just the fixed and per-page charges plus shipping and handling.”

A few important notes about Member Orders:

  • You pay for your books at the time of ordering.
  • When you purchase your own titles at the reduced cost, you do not earn royalties.
  • Sales tax may apply to your order.
  • Member pricing only applies to orders placed through your account for your own title.


How to create a Member Order.

(This is exactly how a customer would normally order your title.)

Step 1: Make sure you are on the Createspace website and are logged on as the author. You will need to know the link of your title within the Createspace eStore, this link can be found at the bottom of each title’s summary page when you are logged into the author dashboard.


eStore Link


Step 2: Order your own paperback title from the Createspace eStore, adding it to your cart as any customer would.


Step 3: Update the book quantity field, this depends how many copies of the paperback you want to ship.




Step 4: Ensure your shipping address is correct, a new destination address can be added from this screen.


shipping address


Step 5: Proceed with the payment and place the order, that’s it, simple right?



Createspace Author Advice #1:

To help understand what your Createspace title will cost you as the author visit the following Createspace Cost Calculator. (You will first need to select the “Buying Copies” tab.)


Createspace Author Advice #2:

Shipping costs of your paperback titles will obvious vary depending on your destination address, you are however given three shipping speeds. Standard, Expedited and Priority. Standard is the cheapest option however will take the longest, whilst priority will deliver within a week of the order being placed.

Here is a shipping table for those who want to calculate what Createspace will charge you for shipping your paperback title around the world:





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