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Using Createspace: How to create discount codes for your paperback title

Using Createspace: How to create discount codes for your paperback title


This article is for the self-published author looking to enhance the marketing of a print-on-demand paperback listed on Createspace. Before creating these discount codes on Createspace, ensure the following steps of publishing on Createspace have been taken care of:

  1. Your PDF interior manuscript has been formatted according to Createspace interior design standards and specifications.

  2. The manuscript interior PDF file along with the cover PDF file have been uploaded to and accepted by Createspace.

  3. You have ordered and approved the proof-copy of your manuscript.



So your paperback is live in the Createspace eStore, let’s list a few examples of when authors might want to create these discount codes for their book.

  • Perhaps you are a gifted speaker, regularly holding talks and sharing your insight into a particular topic.

  • Perhaps you are booked for a radio or television interview where large amounts of potential readers will be reached.

  • Perhaps you have a large social reach online and want to create a book promotion for the subscribers to your website, or your Youtube channel and what about the people who have liked your Facebook page or those who follow you on Twitter?

  • Perhaps you just want to give those people close to you a way to read your book without paying full price.


Either way, in the scenarios listed above and many others, creating these discount codes through Createspace will help you reach further, tempting new readers to try your book and rewarding those loyal readers who follow your writing religiously. The codes can be deleted any time after you think they have served their purpose.

Here is how you do it.


How to create discount codes for your Createspace paperback.


Step 1

Log into your Createspace account, you should be taken to your “Member Dashboard”.




Step 2

 Under “My Projects” heading, select the linked title or “project” you want to create the discount codes for.




Step 3

 Click the “Channels” link found near the top of your screen to be taken to the distribution setup.




Step 4

From the book distribution selection screen click the discount codes link, this will take you to where you assign the actual discount of a given code that you will need to create.




Step 5

The first time you visit the discounts page you will need to actually create the first discount code/s. To create a new discount code, click on the relevant text-link from the screen you should be on.




Step 6

Once you have completed step 5 and created a discount code, assign the appropriate discount in dollar or percentage terms and save your changes.


Step 7

 Share the discount codes with your readers!




Once again for those readers who might still be unsure, the magic of creating a discount code for your Createspace paperback starts from this screen:




Remember: To benefit from the discount code your readers will have to purchase the paperback from the Createspace eStore. The discount won’t work through any of the distribution partners Createspace might be using.

Another note, whilst you are able to discount the paperback version of your book, at the time of writing this post, Amazon won’t allow you to create discount coupons for the eBook version of your book. Discounting an eBook via a coupon or code can only currently be done through Smashwords.




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