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This week in publishing news - How Africans got the spotlight

This week in publishing news - How Africans got the spotlight


I love it when somebody in the spotlight takes a moment to talk about African writers. This week was double dose of limelight (why is it called limelight???) for Africans involved in the publishing industry. Both moments were brought about thanks to Joanna Penn, courtesy of her weekly self-publishing podcast titled The Creative Penn.


Moment One

This was Joanna’s interview with Nigerian author Tolulope Popoola. In this interview Joanna broaches painful topics for not just Nigerian authors but really anyone who picks up a pen in Africa. From trouble receiving royalty payments from Amazon through to issues like African authors struggling to sell internationally due to complex author names. This interview really raises many issues we have been voicing for some time and I won’t lie, it felt great to have the issues broadcast around the globe, even for just a short moment in time.


Watch Joanna’s interview with Tolupoe on YouTube here. 


Find the interview directly on Joanna’s website here.


Moment Two

The second feel good moment for Africans is delivered in the form of an interview with marketing expert Ricci Wolman. Nothing special about Ricci right? Listening further to the interview it emerges she is a South African. Not only is she originally from our continent but she is also the CEO for the business Written Word Media.

Still not ringing any bells yet? It gets better. Written Word Media is the parent company of author promotional services such as:


These services, headed by an African are responsible for marketing thousands of titles each year. Even if you choose not to utilise these platforms to promote your books, having an African at the helm is something I take note of. Digging around Ricci’s profile on LinkedIn I also notice she has worked a stint at the self-publishing platform Whilst I am no fan of the company itself, I really love to hear about an African in the thick of the international publishing industry.

Listen to this interview for some great advice on reaching more readers at no extra costs.


Watch the interview on YouTube here. 


Find the interview on Joanna’s website here.


Think that there are other Africans in the international publishing industry we should know about? let us know!



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