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Spritz, the Latest Technology and How it Will Change Reading Forever.

Spritz, the Latest Technology and How it Will Change Reading Forever.

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Have you heard about the latest technology allowing readers to up their reading speed up to 1000wpm? (ok they probably will not that get that far)
Spritz is the latest technology that easily allows readers to increase reading speeds whilst also reducing the screen size needed to display your favorite book.

Interested? Read on...


The Basics of Reading

When the average person is reading what is happening in the background as you move your eyes from word to word is your eye is seeking out the certain point in the word known as the Optimal Recognition Point or ORP.  Once you have located the ORP your brain then processes the word for meaning and context and your eyes move to the next word.

Research shows that that while reading only 20% of your time is actually spent processing content.
The remaining portion is spent moving your eyes from word to word and looking for the next ORP.


What  is Spritz?



Sprits is a patent-pending technology allowing you to read text one word at a time from a specially designed display known as a “redicle”.


How Spritz Works.

Spritzing displays content with the ORP located in a certain spot where you are already looking.
This means you read without actually moving your eyes.
Using Spritz you save the time of searching for the next words ORP, this coupled with an optimized display allowing 13 characters means that even large books can be easily and quickly digested!


Why use Spritz?



There are numerous other speed-reading methods that exist for example;

  1. Skimming which is where you don’t read every word,
  2. Avoiding talking to your-self and
  3. Enlarging your peripheral scan (which is taking a mental snapshot of the entire page.)


Whilst these methods can work they do require time and training to be effective whilst Spritz can be learned within 5 minutes with no practice!
The above techniques all require that you have a lot of physical display area where Spritz is designed and optimized to look great on a small display area.

Using Sprits you can choose from the following word reading speeds, 250wpm, 300wpm, 350wpm, 400wpm up to 1000wpm!

Spritzing will revolutionize not only how readers consume their books as they will now  be able to devour their favorite books on screens no bigger than a watch face but it will also open up the world to eager software developers who have been allowed to license the Spritz technology into Smartphone Apps and eBook readers


Do you think this technology will be embraced by South African Readers?

Here is a great video of the Spritz technology in action.





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