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The Beauty of Blogging - Free Exposure for you and your eBook, Quickly and Easily

The Beauty of Blogging - Free Exposure for you and your eBook, Quickly and Easily

For Authors/ Writers/ Business Owners wondering how to gain greater exposure to the internet population this article is for you!

A Blog is an amazing method of circulating your data online that if used correctly can help you appear in potential customers Google Searches in no-time at all. For the purpose of the this article I have focused on the popular Blogging platform now owned by Google -

I have chosen the platform for a few reasons;

      1. Firsty I have experience on this platform, having assisted authors set up (and monetize!) blogs already.

      2. For Monetizing your blogs using Google Adsense this is made much easier as Google already knows of your Blog and it will follow their preferred structure meaning you can be approved to make money quicker!

      3. Also being owned by Google means that is likely to be maintained and upgraded as Google continues to expand and interlink it's offerings.


Now remember that setting up this Blog is absolutely free and not as complicated as it might seem. I generally explain this to my customers using the Facebook analogy, if you are able to use Facebook with a reasonable proficiency then creating and updating your blog will be a piece of cake!


Who would want to create a Blog?

Anyone with a message and need for a larger audience than the already have should  look at this option remember it doesn't always have to be you that updates and adds entries, this could be a friend, family member or even a capable member of staff. You could even subcontract a freelancer off a portal such as eLance very cheaply to generate valuable content on a regular basis.


What you need to start blogging?

All you need to get started in the world of Blogging is;

  1. A reliable internet connection

  2. A Google Account (free to setup)

  3. The time to create at least a few valuable articles each month.


Why blog?

Blogging is a means of sharing a message, be that a life experience or an ongoing set of stories.
These could help a the writer reach his/her audience with much greater ease than has ever been possible before.

Benefits of blogging include;

  1. Helping people by sharing your experiences in a particular field.

  2. Helping yourself by sharing your stories with the world.

  3. Making money online by using Google's Adsense and "renting out" advertising space on your website.

  4. Making friends and valuable connections in an industry.

  5. Building a potential audience who would be very receptive to products/ books you might be releasing the future.


I hope that you are beginning to see the value that blogging can create for you and your brand.
Blogging could be a  great way to attract visitors to your website and gives you as the writer an immediate authority on your topic that would otherwise be hard to quickly obtain.



I personally use my blog to attract people that might otherwise not have heard about me and to hopefully help them through their journey publishing online, by answering questions that I know they will have.

The process of getting started and creating the blog is extremely simple but to make your life a little easier should you need help I will include two links below both containing easy to follow instructions and what you need to know to get started.




To any of of those still unsure of how to proceed get hold of me by commenting below this article and I will happily help you through the process!



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