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The 3 most expensive eBooks on Amazon

The 3 most expensive eBooks on Amazon


Here are the 3 most expensive eBooks on Amazon as of June 2015.

Something to think about here is that, these prices are excluding local sales tax which means the price might increase further if you were going to purchase. The two most expensive eBooks have a big file size of well over 100 MB, I am not sure if the reading performance would be hampered by the extreme eBook file size. Looking at the Amazon Sales Ranks of these eBooks we can see they are not really flying off the shelves, but at these prices, one would be enough to fund my vacation :)

I wonder what would happen if I accidentally purchased any of these eBooks by bumping the Amazon-One-Click-purchase button!



Third place.




eBook Price: $9024 (R112 800)

Title: MITO Y POESÍA EN EL PSICOANÁLISIS (Nuevos temas de psicoanálisis) (Spanish Edition)

Google Translation: MYTH AND POETRY IN PSYCHOANALYSIS (New issues of psychoanalysis)

Authors/ Editors: Luis-Salvador López Herrero

Length: 236 pages

Cost per Page: $ 38.24 (R 478)

File Size: 2006 KB (1.96 MB)

Amazon Best Sellers Rank: NA – I don’t think they have sold any copies yet.

Publication Date: August 1, 2008

Reviews: 0

Book Description

¿Qué es el psicoanálisis? ¿Cómo se gestó, inventó y desarrolló? ¿En qué consiste su experiencia? ¿Cómo cura? ¿De qué cura? Son preguntas que su autor, médico y psicoanalista, desarrolla y articula, de forma transparente y rigurosa, a partir de los textos de Freud y de Lacan, también mediante esa lógica que se desprende de su propia experiencia analítica. Para este menester, López Herrero no tiene reparos en abrazar ―en esta época marcada por el furor de la ciencia, la técnica y el pragmatismo cognitivo-conductual― el valor del mito y la poesía en su abordaje hacia lo imposible de decir. En este punto, el psicoanálisis y su experiencia de palabras y silencio se confrontarán, en su travesía, con ese borde que la palabra circunda y que nos anuncia la causa y el objeto del deseo.

Google Translation: (Sorry for the poor translation, but you get the gist.)

What is psychoanalysis? How he was conceived, invented and developed? What is your experience? How to cure? What cure? These are questions that the author, doctor and psychoanalyst, developed and articulated, transparent and rigorous manner, from the texts of Freud and Lacan, also by that logic that emerges from its own analytical experience. For this task, Lopez Herrero has no qualms about embracing -in this era marked by the anger of the science, technology and cognitive pragmatism behavioral- the value of myth and poetry in their approach towards the impossible to say. At this point, psychoanalysis and experience of words and silence will be confronted, on their journey, with that edge that the word goes around and tells us the cause and the object of desire.



Second place.




eBook Price: $ 11 850 (R 148 125)

Title: Encyclopedia of Language and Linguistics, 14-Volume Set: V1-14

Authors/ Editors: Keith Brown

Length: 9000 pages

Cost per Page: $ 1.32 (R 16.5)

File Size: 164 886 KB (161 MB)

Amazon Best Sellers Rank: #2,863,366 Paid in Kindle Store

Publication Date: November 24, 2005

Reviews: 2

Book Description

The first edition of ELL (1993, Ron Asher, Editor) was hailed as "the field's standard reference work for a generation". Now the all-new second edition matches ELL's comprehensiveness and high quality, expanded for a new generation, while being the first encyclopedia to really exploit the multimedia potential of linguistics.

  • The most authoritative, up-to-date, comprehensive, and international reference source in its field
  • An entirely new work, with new editors, new authors, new topics and newly commissioned articles with a handful of classic articles
  • The first Encyclopedia to exploit the multimedia potential of linguistics through the online edition
  • Ground-breaking and International in scope and approach
  • Alphabetically arranged with extensive cross-referencing
  • Available in print and online, priced separately. The online version will include updates as subjects develop

ELL2 includes:

  • c. 7,500,000 words
  • c. 11,000 pages
  • c. 3,000 articles
  • c. 1,500 figures: 130 halftones and 150 colour
  • Supplementary audio, video and text files online
  • c. 3,500 glossary definitions
  • c. 39,000 references
  • Extensive list of commonly used abbreviations
  • List of languages of the world (including information on no. of speakers, language family, etc.)
  • Approximately 700 biographical entries (now includes contemporary linguists)
  • 200 language maps in print and online

Also available online via ScienceDirect – featuring extensive browsing, searching, and internal cross-referencing between articles in the work, plus dynamic linking to journal articles and abstract databases, making navigation flexible and easy. For more information, pricing options and availability visit

The first Encyclopedia to exploit the multimedia potential of linguistics
Ground-breaking in scope - wider than any predecessor
An invaluable resource for researchers, academics, students and professionals in the fields of: linguistics, anthropology, education, psychology, language acquisition, language pathology, cognitive science, sociology, the law, the media, medicine & computer science.
The most authoritative, up-to-date, comprehensive, and international reference source in its field.



First place.




eBook Price: $ 13 496 (R 168 700)

Title: International Encyclopedia of Social & Behavioral Sciences

Authors/ Editors: N. J. Smelser, P. B. Baltes

Page Count: 17 500.

Cost per Page: $ 0.77 (R 9.6)

File Size: 122 388 KB (119.5 MB)

Amazon Best Sellers Rank: #1,397,545

Publication Date: November 22, 2001

Reviews: 3

Book Description

This Encyclopedia is the first attempt in a generation to map the social and behavioral sciences on a grand scale. Not since the publication in 1968 of the International Encyclopedia of the Social Sciences, edited by David L. Sills, has there been such an ambitious project to describe the state of the art in all the fields encompassed within the social and behavioral sciences.
Available in both print (26 volumes) and online editions, it comprises 4,000 articles, commissioned by 52 Section Editors, and includes 90,000 bibliographic references as well as comprehensive name and subject indexes.




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