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What is Print on Demand?

Print on Demand (PoD) is the simplest way for authors to get their paperback books printed. In days gone by a printer would typically dictate to the author how many copies of their book needed to be printed. This was “economical” for the printer, however, expensive for the poor author.

Print on Demand, simply put, is where a printer prints only the exact amount that is “demanded” or ordered by a reader. A reader orders 10 books - only 10 books are printed. Yes, this does mean that the price paid for each paperback book might be higher than if you printed 1000 copies, however – can you afford to print 1000 copies? And what happens if you discover a mistake after printing?

Got it – So What is Print on Demand Publishing?

So, a reader orders 2 copies of your paperback – Great right?

Here is how a reader’s order would typically be fulfilled.

The author would require proof of payment from the reader first. Next the author would pay a visit to the local post office, shipping the 2 books to the reader. This process would be repeated for each order of the book. You can see that the author pours sweat into this process. After postage paid and petrol used the author’s remaining royalties dwindle.

How do future readers discover the authors paperback?

Enter Amazon and Createspace. Both Amazon and the Amazon-owned Createspace platforms are geared at making the process of printing and shipping your paperback book simpler. Authors who publish their paperback with Amazon have immediate access to millions of readers from almost every country around the world.

        Yes, Amazon ships paperback orders to many African countries, including South Africa 😊

Any reader who orders copies of your paperback pays for the printing and shipping of the book through the sleek Amazon-interface. This means the transaction is not only seamless, the author does not open their purse at any point. The printing and shipping of your paperback is fully-funded by the reader.


What are the benefits of publishing my paperback through Amazon?

Here are the reasons why publishing your paperback on the Amazon platform kicks ass:

  • Very little risk to the author.
  • Exposure to millions of readers.
  • World-wide distribution with just a few clicks.
  • Aside from initial typesetting costs there are no further costs for printing and shipping. (The reader pays for this.)
  • All transactions are handled through Amazon’s 1-click interface – You just get paid.
  • Discover a mistake in your book? There is no longer a risk of wasted stock. An updated version of your book can simply be uploaded on Amazon platform.
  • Earn up to 60% in royalties from the sale of your paperback.


How much will publishing my PoD paperback on Amazon cost?

There are typically 2 costs involved in the print on demand publishing process. These costs obviously do not include work like editing your words and any illustrations you might need.

  1. The cost of getting your book cover and interior Amazon-ready. Amazon has strict requirements as to how your book cover and book interior needs to be formatted. The end result will be 2 separate PDF documents that are then uploaded on Amazon. Read more on typesetting here.
  2. The actual cost of publishing the paperback on Amazon. This includes things like the finger work required to setup and populate your account with Amazon. It also includes the research we conduct to ensure you get the best place possible within the Amazon store. This service is currently a once-off fee of R3499.


How does the PoD publishing process work?


Step 1: Have your PDF book files ready

The first step is always to make sure you have your book ready in the format that Amazon wants. The includes (1) a separate cover and (2) interior PDF documents that have been through a typesetting process to make sure they are compatible with Amazons requirements.

Need help? Let us know, we would love to get your book ready for Amazon!

Step 2: Answer our online questionnaire

Next the author is emailed our paperback publishing questionnaire. These questions are answered fully online to give us the best idea of the price and position for your paperback.

During the process we will also share our recommendations as to the book’s ideal price and position, so do not worry if you are not certain what to put here. 😊

Step 3: The publishing process

  1. This is where your account with Amazon will be created. Please let us know if you already have an account with Amazon that we can use. (We will need the email address and password.)

  2. We complete the Amazon tax interview on your behalf.

  3. Research is conducted to determine the ideal keywords (7x) and categories (2x) for your book. This set will help new readers discover your book. Read more on the best practices for choosing your book metadata here.

  4. The PDF files are loaded on Amazon. Amazon then conducts a vigorous assessment of the files to ensure that they are correctly formatted.

  5. Once the files are approved, book pricing is set.

  6. The paperback is then published live (It does take up to 72 hours for the book to appear live).



The longest process is having the cover and interior PDF files typeset for Amazon. Once these files are ready, the publishing process is usually completed within 14 days. This process will take longer where updates are required to the cover or interior files. Often Amazon only flags “errors” once we attempt to publish the PDF files on Amazon. A smart author would allow extra time for these unexpected updates.


What do I need to have ready before the publishing of my paperback starts?

  1. The print-ready cover PDF.
    1. This must contain both an ISBN number together with a barcode representation of the ISBN.
    2. The spine size must take the page-count into consideration. The more pages, the wider the spine.
    3. Images used must preferably be 300 Dpi or higher.
    4. Size of the cover must exactly match Amazon trim specifications.
  2. A print-ready PDF version of your interior
    1. Size of the interior must exactly match Amazon trim specifications.
    2. The interior margin and bleed spacing must all be according to Amazon-spec.
  3. Our online questionnaire will prompt you for the other bits and pieces we need to complete the publishing of your paperback on Amazon.
    1. Preferred pricing of the paperback in $.
    2. Cover finish – Matte or Glossy.
    3. Paper type – White or Cream.
    4. Colour interior or B&W. (B&W is always recommended where possible.)


What normally happens after PoD Publishing is completed?

  1. Create and publish your eBook on Amazon.
  2. Have a great looking website designed for your author-brand.


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