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Let's get your manuscript polished, your eBook created and introduce you to Amazon


eBook publishing online, on Amazon.

Affordable and professional eBook publishing directly into the Amazon's Kindle store is now a reality.


What is eBook Publishing?

Efficient eBook Publishing is critical to your success as an author, whether your work is fictional, academic or otherwise. By partnering with us, you set yourself up with the best opportunity for success. Use our long-standing relationships with industry influencers and experience to your advantage by using our unique eBook publishing packages.

Most inexperienced authors find the writing, proofreading and editing processes quite simple, but once their books are converted into eBook formats, they freeze up. MyeBook is here to offer you all the guidance and value-added services through our unique eBook publishing services. Ideally, your goal should be exposure or profit – or a mixture of both!


As a new self-publishing author, you might be asking:

  • How do I sell my eBook online?

  • Should I publish into the Apple, Amazon or Kobo eBook stores online?

  • How do I better market myself as an author online?

  • Which store will give me the best royalties from eBook sales?


MyeBook is here to help you. We have guided many authors through this process we have valuable experience in getting your eBook, and you as an author, in front of your target audience. We know the best places online to sell your eBook, based on your objectives, genre and future writing goals.


What work does the eBook publishing package involve?

Our eBook publishing services are specifically geared towards listing your eBook on the world’s biggest sales portal – We help to introduce you, the new self-published author, to the online world of eBooks. It may seem like a daunting process, but we are here to help you every step of the way.

When you purchase a eBook publishing package, we take care of all the tedious finger-work and account-setup for you. We will even help you create your very own  Author page on Amazon. Other work done includes:

  1. Listing on Amazon's KDP (Kindle Desktop Portal) for self-published authors.

    1. Optional listing on Amazon's KDP Select platform - a valuable tool for authors to maximise profit and exposure through one easy-to-use interface.

  2. Listing on Amazon's Author Central - a great author marketing tool.

  3. Valuable publishing report helping the author understand the publishing process and best practices for the self-publishing author.


Our eBook publishing service starts with thorough research to make sure that we reach your intended audience and to ensure that they buy. We handle the research needed before loading your eBook onto Amazon, this includes:

  • Which target keywords (or tags) to use in Amazon, to describe your eBook, better keywords attract better potential customers.

  • The ideal eBook categories for your eBook to appear in. This is vital to make sure your eBook is found online.

  • The ideal entry pricing for your eBook, based on your eBook genre and your competitors.

  • As part of the package, we give you marketing tips, strategies, advice and instructions on how to increase your exposure and how to manage your eBook marketing in the months and years to come.


Why use our eBook Publishing Services?

Selling your eBook online can be a complex exercise, especially for African authors.
As a self-published author you will need every advantage to set your work apart from that of your international competitors.

Take advantage of our knowledge of eBook marketing and digital publishing experience to save yourself the time it would take to become familiar with the inner workings of the world's biggest eBook stores.


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