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 What is an eBook?

eBooks are books in electronic format that are normally read on devices such as iPads, Kindles etc. You are also able to read eBooks directly from your computer, all you need is the eReader software such as the packages listed here.


What is eBook conversion?

eBook Conversion is the process of converting your book from common word processing formats into file types that are  compatible with today's popular eReading devices.


Why convert to eBook?

eBooks are the future of  reading convenience.  They create a platform that affords  all authors the same advantage of being able to remove the middle-man, or publisher in this case and as a result, enjoy more of the proceeds from their tireless diligence in writing great books.  


These are some of the fantastic benefits for authors who create eBooks:

  • Reach a growing global readership.

  • eBooks have long surpassed printed books in sales volume.

  • Once-off cost for eBook publishing, compared to the continuous printing costs for a paperback.

  • eBook publishing offers an unlimited return on your investment.

  • Royalties get paid directly to you, no more middlemen or gatekeepers!

  • High royalties of up to 70%, vs 15% for traditional print.


What work is involved eBook conversion?

We convert your manuscript from any source document (MS Word/PDF/Adobe/Text) into formats suitable for popular eBook readers. The output of the eBook conversion process includes Amazon's Mobi or KF8 format as well as ePub2 and newer interactive ePub3 or ePDF formats.


What formats of eBook are there?

Amazon's  proprietary format is the MOBI/ KF8 format which will only work on Amazon devices such as the Kindle and is the only format sold through the Amazon Store. Due to Amazon's dominance in eBook retail you should definitely include a MOBI version of your eBook.

 The ePUB2 file format  format is an industry default used almost everywhere else.

 ePUB3 (also known as "Enhanced eBook") file formats will soon be in use. These formats will support video and audio clips which will be great for children's eBooks. Currently however these are not widely supported with only Amazon and Apple devices capable of displaying their content. Older devices would therefore not be able to be targeted. 

PDF/ePDF - This is often mistakenly assumed to be an eBook.
Although most eReader devices can display PDF content a PDF document will lack many benefits of a true eBook formats. For example, PDF documents cannot have font, margin-size, or background colour updated by the user. They cannot reflow to suit smaller or larger screen sizes and as a result might give users a poor reading experience on some devices.

PDF files will also not be accepted by most online retailers.

Fixed Layout eBooks

These are eBooks that are designed to resemble the print-ready layout as closely as possible.
They are only currently supported by Amazon and Apple devices and online stores.
They do take more time and effort to design from our side and as mentioned we will target a certain device or store. Obviously these will not be supported on older devices.

This format is great for heavily formatted work that must be shown in multiple column format.


Why use our eBook conversion services?

  1. We are a South African company, so we understand your unique needs and speak the same language.

  2. Through MyeBook you have instant access to professional eBook cover designers, editors and our proven author marketing packages.

  3. You benefit from being able to pick up the phone and call us, should you need any help.

  4. We have years of experience in the digital publishing  industry which is still in it's infancy in Africa.

  5. We have great partnerships with both local and international industry experts, which make numerous services, tools and expertise available to cater to your diverse needs.

  6. We will handle the ISBN application as part of conversion process, free of charge.


We understand that professional eBook publication can seem daunting and complex but we aim to put your mind at ease at every step of the digital publishing process. Rest assured that you have come to the right place. Hundreds of customers have already been helped by our free information and professional services.



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