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Customised website designs specially for authors

We will help you create a dedicated and focused Book landing or "squeeze" page that will turn interested visitors into paying readers.  

The goal of an author website is to create a highly-focused sales-funnel by creating a one page website or landing page. This funnel will have only a single call to action or goal, that customers purchase your book. This is a stark contrast to most websites that have many distracting links and goals.

Customers will find your landing page primarily due to your marketing efforts. This means you will need to drive traffic to the landing page through the clever use of email signatures, business cards, Facebook and other social profiles. Once they have found and visit your landing page online, we will help guide them through a focused sales funnel with well written and carefully placed marketing copy and sales links.

A landing page is an essential aid for authors looking to increase visibility of themselves or their eBook.


Some of our professional author website designs



Reasons to ♥ our websites


The power of a blog

Our our author websites are based on the world's most popular website system - WordPress.

Blogging is the act of capturing your thoughts and feelings on a particular topic, online. It is a powerful marketing tool that will cost you nothing but time. Nothing brings readers to your new website faster than if you freely share helpful information through regular blogging.  A regularly updated blog will lead to your website ranking higher in the Google search result and a flood of new visitors to your page. You should ideally be blogging content similar to the genre of your book. So if your book revolves around flowering flora then your regular blog posts should include topics like gardening, landscaping etc

Read more on blogging here.

Designed in the dynamic Wordpress system

Nothing is worse than having a website designed that is out of date one year later. Even worse is having a website design that only your website guy understands. This means costly updates and if your web-guy happens to leave then you are back to square one with an expensive bit of online real estate that no one will know how to operate.

WordPress is the world's largest Content Management System (CMS). As it is so widely used you will find a plethora of free information and tutorials available online. It is also guaranteed to always remain up to date due to it's wide user base.

The system is a breeze to understand and update. You will love it!

Link directly to your social networks

We are able to link your busy social media channels directly to your new website. Things like Facebook author pages, Twitter feeds etc can all be linked without a hassle!

Entice new readers with free chapters of your book.

Nothing will warm readers to you more than making the first few chapters of your book free to read. Using our author templates we can easily share a selected amount of text from your book with your website visitor.


We can host your author website too!


There are awlays two parts involved when a great looking website designed:

  1. The cost of the design itself - A once-off charge.

  2. The monthly cost of hosting the website - A fee levied each month for the duration of your website's life.


For authors who are starting this process for the first time, not to worry! We can not only design a great-looking website but also host the website on our computers here at the MYeBook headquarters. Simply let us know the name you would like us to reserve for your new author website and - For a small monthly fee - we will take care of the hosting and backups to your website.

Hosting your website with us each month means that:

  • The website name belongs to you - Nobody else can take it.

  • We can create professional email address (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.)

  • The website is backed up on a monthly basis.


Ready to get your website!?

Step 1: Decide on your website name. (

Step 2: Check that the website name is not already taken - Just type into your browser window.

Step 3: Find a few examples of websites that you like. If you need help, just browse some of our designs from the pictures above.

Step 4: Aside from the once-off design, can we help you with the monthly hosting your website too?

Step 5: Get in touch with our friendly team, now!




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