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Our fresh new look

Our fresh new look


A fresh new look for the MYeBook website. After a frantic few days consisting of intense staring at my laptop screen, fuelled by a caffeine-induced stupor MYeBook has emerged with a fresh and fully-responsive new look. I really hope that you, the visitor, enjoy the experience. The update was carried out to make your experience a better one.

If you find any issues that make your visit a less-than-awesome experience, I would really want to know. Please can you leave feedback on what you think in the comments section. Good or bad, I promise I will try my best to not be offended!


Do you have a website of your own?

Perhaps you are wondering if you should also be concerned about upgrading?


Here was my reasoning behind the update. Otherwise worded as why someone might spend hours and hours painstakingly updating every module and every button that adorns our blog.


The background

The update itself was to the template or theme which is essentially the look and feel of the website. I did not for example move hosting providers or change from Joomla to a WordPress website back-end. I purchased a new website template which then needed to be setup


Here are the main motivators behind updating the website, given in no real order.


Reason #1 - Loading Time too long

The website loading speed was too slow. Simply put it took too long to load fully. This meant that I might be irritating the website visitor or at worst losing a client. I found the biggest culprit for the slow loading times were social media hooks such as Facebook “like” boxes or social counters that totaled your likes, tweets etc. I have chosen to keep the social sharing buttons within each blog post but removed them from repeating on the home page.


website speed test


Looking for a free tool to measure how long your website takes to load?


Reason #2 - Google did not like me

Me and Google go way, way back.

I pay Google each month to advertise my eBook publishing business (aka Google Adwords). I also receive money from Google each month for adverts that it places on my blog (aka Google Adsense). This means if Google thinks my website is not running smoothly that my adverts will not perform as well. (Due to a low “Quality Score”.) Worse it might not rank as high in the organic (unpaid) search-results in Google. This all translates to less customers finding my website.


google pagespeed insights


Wondering what Google thinks about your website or blog, try Google's handy (and free) Page Speed Insights tool



Reason #3 - It looked cheap.

Being an online startup means that often I lack the insight of outside opinion. Most blog readers who commented on my blog would say it was “nice” website. Nice was not good enough. I needed a website that had a professional look and feel. It also needed to pack newer technology under the hood.

I mean, I make a living from this website, surely it was worth investing money into improving the customer experience?



To summarize

  • I needed a website that was fully responsive, looking sexy across many different devices.

  •  I needed newer technology that would help me take advantage of the new look HTML 5 internet we have been hearing about.

  • It needed to be expandable. My previous website felt at times like it was held together with blood, sweat and the tears of unicorns. I needed something that I or someone else could easily configure with drag-and-drop-type technology.

  • I needed a faster loading website with better optimizing to help Google like me more.


So after putting it off for months, the website has been upgraded. The new look although pleasing to the eye was largely to make your visit for fun. If Google likes me more and features my website more prominently in search results, that would be great too :)



For those geeks who are wondering the technical info of my website – Here they are.

CMS = Jooma 3.4.8

Blog Component = Easy Blog

New theme = Reqiuem, from Rocketthemes, purchased for $34


A BIG thanks to my friend Sonia Killik for her helpful advice on how to make the new website look even better. I cannot stress the value of having someone with an artistic-eye giving you feedback on your website.



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