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How to Improve your eBook Sales on Amazon - Tried and Tested Techniques for Multiplying Exposure.

How to Improve your eBook Sales on Amazon - Tried and Tested Techniques for Multiplying Exposure.


Once you have conquered your fears and loaded your eBook on the world's leading sales platform (Amazon for those who are wondering)  you might be thinking;  "How do I increase my eBook Sales?"

Here are a few helpful hints I have used to increase eBook Sales on the Kindle Platform.


2016 Update - We further elaborate on how to increase your book's exposure on Amazon.



1. Understand the variables at your disposal


  1. eBook Price,

  2. eBook Category and

  3. eBook Keywords.


Adjusting any one of the above from with your Amazon KDP account will directly influence your eBook's sales, so experiment experiment experiment! Amazon will only let you choose two eBook categories, make sure you choose carefully as this will define your competition, entry pricing and the size of your audience. 

Ensure your eBook has a keyword-rich title, sub-title and description.

When choosing a price, look at the competition in your chosen categories.
Keep in mind that when deciding on price for your eBook what you are actually doing is trading-off on profits vs exposure. As an self-publishing author who might be new to Amazon's shelves your priority should absolutely be exposure, so do not over-price yourself. 

Ensure that the front-matter of your eBook is not fluffed up with too much white-space or unrelated content as many readers will purchase your eBook only if they enjoyed the sample (Amazon sampling feature allow readers to read the first 10 pages or 10% for free.)

This means that if the first 10 pages of your eBook is taken up by a large copyright and ToC pages, that some readers might be annoyed and not purchase your eBook.


2. Using reviews


This is a vital feature to understand if you want to move beyond mediocre and entice customers who might be unsure of you to purchase your eBook. Use your social media accounts to link to your eBook on Amazon ensuring that friends, family and connections are able to easily find and purchase. Encourage your audience to leave honest reviews of your eBook (dont ask just for positive reviews). 

Just remember the Amazon "Whispernet Surcharge" which means that readers from within (South) Africa and other certain countries will have $2 added to the purchase price of your title.

To help garner reviews consider gifting your eBook to certain readers to remove the cost as a barrier and incentivise the sharing of a review. (Gifting is an Amazon feature allowing you to send someone a copy of your eBook at your expense.)


3. Use value-added platforms to drive sales up


Using the following free platforms can also help to increase eBook sales.


KDP Select.

  • Enroll your eBook in this program to help boost your exposure to paying Amazon Prime members.

  • This program is opted into during the KDP setup process.

  • You are only allowed to sell your eBook on Amazon, for a period no-less than 90 days. Remember, if you don't opt out, your eBook is automatically enrolled every cycle.

  • You eBook can now be borrowed at no cost by Amazon Prime members and Kindle Unlimited members.

  • You eBook will not earn royalties for these borrows however you can earn commission depending on how many pages of your eBook were read (past 10%). This feature was introduced in July 2015.


 Read more on the KDP Select program here.


Author Central.


Amazon Author Central helps the author create a free page on Amazon to promote themselves, their blog and social posts. This author page is linked to the eBook sales page and helps the reader who wants to know more about the author of a title they loved.


  • Add images, videos, blog feeds, Twitter Feeds or Events to your Author profile.

  • Easily see a complete list of your published title on Amazon.

  • Easily track eBook sales and reviews.

  • Connect with Readers using the Discussions feature.



Shelfari. is a great social networking sites for avid book readers. Using Shelfari and author can:

  1. Make friends,

  2. Share book recommendations,

  3. Create virtual bookshelves to show off what you’re currently reading,

  4. The books you’ve read in the past, and titles you intend to read in the future.



I really hope these free tools and platforms help you as much as they have me. Let me know if you think there are other methods to improving eBook sales on Amazon that were missed.



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