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Hiring a Professional Freelancer to Help - What you need to know about the online platforms available.

Hiring a Professional Freelancer to Help - What you need to know about the online platforms available.

As a South African who often needs work outsourced, I used to often look into the great world wide web and it's various platforms to hire freelancers with some fear. although understandably this is often born from ignorance.

A few years down the line and a little wiser I now realize the value in outsourcing of certain aspects of your workload. One of the biggest obstacles in the process is actually a mental one, namely the "I will do everything myself" mindset.

Being South African, I think we need to accept that we comfortably lag the rest of the developed world in terms of our understanding of the web and the thousands of ways we can use it to improve on certain mundane or repetetive work we find ourselves doing.

A very small example is how just this week I discovered a great service to create a dynamic email signature,
Using this free service I was able to create a great looking signature that linked to all my social profiles as well as my latest blog post!

Here is the email signature I created, free of charge!



This is just an example of a service that I found which, after some initial finger work, gave me a great result. Worth a mention, the benefit of the improved email signature is;

  1. Customers see a face which lends a greater sense of trust to doing business,

  2. Links to my social profiles which once again helps customers feel safer doing business,

  3. The link to my blog and website then also helps increase the visitors to my website!


Why people avoid outsourcing online.

Now back to the main subject of this post, what jobs that are currently on your plate, could you get someone else to do? Let's get the main stumbling blocks out the way from the outset, these are;

  1. It will cost too much

  2. Nobody understands the work required aside from me.


To destroy the misconception of costliness, I would ask the following questions to provide some insight;

  • How much time would it take you to complete the job?

  •  What does that translate to if you had to charge your hourly rate?

  • How much what it cost you in missed revenue, or missed visits to your website if this was done poorly (you are not always perfect!)


Looking to the misconception of "I will do this job the best", I provide the following questions to share insight;

  • As a business owner, do you think you can always afford to have this attitude?

  •  What happens as your business grows and your time becomes even more constrained?

  • How much research have you actually done to see costing for the job?


Some Insight

Often outsourcing work online is handled in a bidding process meaning freelancers propose a price for the project. This means that, if budget is tight, you can select the freelancer accordingly (within reason.) Looking at it from this perspective highlights that outsourcing work is really an inevitability rather than a problem.


Hopefully, I have started you thinking what time-consuming jobs could be outsourced online, as well as question some of the negative mindsets you might above about the outsourcing process.


Top 4 online platforms to outsource your work.






Now to help you choose a platform to investigate and also understanding that people like pictures, I present an infographic I found earlier whilst doing some research on our best online options to outsource your work (obviously from a South African perspective).



  1. What have your experiences been in using these platforms?

  2. What fears or concerns do you have with outsourcing your workload online?


Infographic courtesy of

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