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Will e-publishing help Africa? - BBC Article

Hi All, I have just been sent a great article on eBooks and their affect within Africa.

The article starts by acknowledging that Africa lags behind the rest of the world with the internet boom but that as a direct result of the increased use of smart phones and other smart devices we are experiencing a "boom" of our own!

It recognizes that the embracing of technology especially "Western technology" is still hindered by suspicion however progress is being made as African's warm up to eBooks and eBook related technology!

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A Simplified Guide on Choosing the Right eBook Format

As somebody interested in having your work in eBook form and possibly sold or distributed online one of the technical questions you would need answered is "what format should I have my eBook converted into?"

This, at face value, might seem like a technical forest you need to explore but luckily the answer recently has really been greatly simplified by the natural evolution of the eBook format Standards and eReader devices themselves!

A basic Google search on the topic will throw back terms such as PDF and KF8 however the answer (from people who have actually had work published) will be that there are only 3 formats to really pay attention to. Assuming your written work is in either MS Word or Adobe InDesign or PDF (if there is no other choice!) there are really only a few portals where you would want to be selling your eBook. (internationally)

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eBook Marketing Statistics and Trends in Infographics.

eBook Marketing Statistics and Trends in Infographics.

Hi Guys, if you are anything like me when exploring a new topic nothing is better than finding out interesting statistics and other tidbits of information in picture or infographic form. When it came to eBooks I was no different, I surfed the net for statistics or trends in picture form on eBooks relating to eBook marketing, eBook audiences and any other eBook statistics that might help people looking to easily understand this fascinating topic.

I managed to assemble these gems,  6 different pictures detailing eBook trends and eBook marketing hope you enjoy!

(These pictures are quite big and and I would recommend you right click and save them to your PC to read them easily)

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