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Bookboon - Delivering a future, one free eBook at a time

Bookboon - Delivering a future, one free eBook at a time


Free books! Free books! I won’t lie, I feel like Oprah standing outside a public library dishing out free books to passers-by. The comparison might not actually be that far off from the truth…


free books


Firstly, a big thanks to Marelise Van Der Merwe who’s initial post on Bookboon caught my eye.


Free, so what?

So why would I be excited about free books? Well, firstly I live in a country whose infamous neighbour, Zimbabwe, has a higher literacy rate than our own. Our university students are protesting against bloated fees and the general cost of study. Being a largely rural population also means that distributing print-books by hand is often the only option to educate a starving population. That dear reader, is why the thought of free books, a mouse-click away, have me salivating like Pavlov’s famous pooch.

Enter Bookboon

Bookboon was founded in 1998 by the two sons of a traditional publisher from Denmark, Thomas Buus Madsen and Kristian Buus Madsen. Today they own and manage what they claim is the world’s largest publishing company with more than 1000 books being made available to the world.

Bookboon’s mission appears to a noble one.

Now before you start imagining downloading the complete series of Harry Potter, let me further explain that these free books that caught your attention cover academic and business topics. Readers looking for free fictitious titles, here is the link for free reads from Amazon.

This platform will mean that millions of students struggling for financial support from their families have just been thrown a life-line. An online Plan B. These free academic textbooks and business reads are available in PDF form. PDF files are easily read from a host of devices, tablets and phones making the choice of file format, the perfect one.


bookboon free ebooks


How they do it.

The first question that needed answering after I discovered this online El Dorado was how Bookboon could support the creation and distribution of free books? The answer is a shining example of an elusive win-win scenario. The reason Bookboon can afford to share books for free is that the costs have already been taken care of. Every few pages inside your free PDF read from Bookboon will feature a tastefully selected advert from a chosen sponsor. These ads enable Bookboon to give students a lifeline, a way to escape the cost of purchasing dusty textbooks that often are never used enough to actually justify the cost.

No authors were harmed in the making of these books.

Authors of these academic and business books are still fully compensated for the efforts, courtesy of the corporate sponsorships. Want to become a contributing author for Bookboon?


Now here is the catch. It’s not often the you come across a genuinely awesome concept aimed at an educational emancipation of the masses. Bookboon really appears to be the real deal here. I am begging you, please to share this post with everyone who you think might benefit from free educational content.

Let’s help make Bookboon a viable option for those who could use this help the most.

PS – If you don’t share this post with your friends on Facebook in the next 7 days, you will suffer from a severe outbreak of guilt.




Want to know more about Bookboon? Here are some useful posts found during my research.


Looking for some free software to read the PDF files from Bookboon? Here is what I personally use, Foxit PDF Reader. (This software won’t bug you for constant updates like Adobe does.)

For other free goodies for authors and writers, here is our resource page.



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