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Book Review - Is it Well with your Soul? By Dr. Thabi Molete

Book Review - Is it Well with your Soul? By Dr. Thabi Molete


How can we conquer physical and mental pain and find spiritual peace? This self-help guide, by Southern African educator/Methodist minister Dr. Thabi Molete is dedicated to “all women whose lives have been touched by pain.”

Organized in 10 chapters, each beginning with a prayer and ending with a “reflection exercise,” Is it Well with your Soul? describes a journey that begins with a purpose and a path. We all have resources of body, mind and spirit, and we can utilize these resources in the battle to rise above spiritual desolation.

“Pain,” Molete states, “is inevitable, but misery is optional.” Pain can be an opportunity for growth as we progress; we can even learn to embrace it. To get out of our personal desolation we need to cure physical ills and heal emotional wounds, through developing healthy habits, keeping a journal of our blessings, and finding excitement in our quest as we move consciously toward inner contentment.

Utilizing clever verbal linkages—like “purpose, path, pain, peace,” and “desolation to consolation”—Molete deftly draws on numerous stories from her own life, spiritual analogies, and Biblical texts. Her conclusion: with fortitude, fellowship and faith we take our journey towards peace, attaining improved relationships with ourselves, others, and God. Her passion for this material, and for helping people, is evident throughout. Is it Well with your Soul? is an inspiring work that will lead dedicated readers on the path toward healing physically, emotionally, and spiritually.


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About the Author - Dr Thabi Molete

Dr Thabi Molete

Dr Thabi Molete was born in Soweto, South Africa. She is a preacher in the Methodist Church. As a Spiritual Coach she assisted many people heal from emotional pain. She uses a three-step process known as the Triple A Framework:

  1. Acknowledgement - This is my Pain

  2. Awareness - This is my Power

  3. Action - This is my Purpose


She developed a four-stage model of spiritual development:

  1. Unconscious compliance

  2. Conscious compliance

  3. Unconscious co-creation

  4. Conscious co-creation

Let the healing begin.


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