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Authors gone wild – A celebration of self-publishing at the MYeBook fourth birthday bash

Authors gone wild – A celebration of self-publishing at the MYeBook fourth birthday bash


What!? Our self-publishing platform turned four? Hell yeah, and it was done in style.

Friday 14th October 2016 will go down in many calendars as a night of celebration and literary debauchery. Wine was uncorked, authors conversed and new friends compared book-sizes. A far cry from the late night business plan birthed from the cavernous-cranium of MYeBook founder Dave Henderson. MYeBook, a literary-startup tottered out of relative obscurity and into the bright lights of the Skoobs bookstore nestled within Monte Casino.

The Friday night, disguised as a birthday celebration, very soon took on a life of it’s own. Powered by a single revolutionary revelation: authors are doing for themselves.


David having a party


Inaugural South African Self-Publishing Awards.

The evening bore witness to the inaugural awards ceremony exclusively held for the benefit of self-published authors. The South African self-publishing community has published in the shadows for too long. I am tired of the kak from the traditional publishers. Our books can be just as good as yours, either acknowledge us or get out of our way.

In a country steeped in the practice of exclusion, what is needed in this industry is an acknowledgement of authors achieving acclaim from alternative avenues (alliteration achieved). Let’s celebrate the successes of all our authors and not just a select few.


The categories.

We had a wealth of talent entering the various categories. After counting all submissions here is how the awards were decided:

  1. Best cover design.

  2. Most eBook sales.
    • This was based on eBook sales from Amazon only. The winner was decided by a mixture of the Amazon Sales Rank, reader review count and the date of publication.

  3. Most sex scenes in a single book.


The nominees

Best cover design

1.    James Daubeney - The Story of Rock and Roll
2.    Jennifer Withers - The War Between
3.    Trevor Blow - The Nephilim Ark
4.    Anita Van Den Berg - Is your self-talk your friend or your enemy
5.    Lize Jacobs – Lost in Chance

Best Selling eBook

1.   Erika Bester - Firebolt (The Dragonian Series Book 1)
2.    Fiona Ingram - The Secret of the Sacred Scarab: The Chronicles of the Stone - Book One
3.    Bernice Fischer - Jeff Madison and the Shimmers of Drakmere
4.    Linda Yende – Wakeup Woman
5.    Nkululeko Maphoto - Diary of a Zulu Girl Part 2

Most Sex Scenes

1.    Joan de le Haye - Fury: A supernatural horror novel
2.    Romy Sommer - Roaring Twenties Box Set: Four sexy Jazz Age novellas
3.    Zelia Cox - The Bullet Makes The Man
4.    Jacky Francis - Wanting to Remember, Trying to Forget
5.    Fiona Khan - Reeds of Wrath


The 2016 SASPA winners

Best cover design

James Daubeney - The Story of Rock and Roll

Best Selling eBook

Erika Bester - Firebolt (The Dragonian Series Book 1)

Most Sex Scenes

Joan de le Haye - Fury: A supernatural horror novel (Yeah, we totally made her read a dirty extract for us…)


South African authors in their natural habitat.



A big thanks to Skoobs – The place to be for authors looking for a launch.

A massive thanks to the friendly-face representing Skoobs in all book-launch related matters, the evergreen beauty: Deborah Du Plooy. Without you the South African literary landscape would be a dull place indeed.

Bridget Lotz -  Your time spent receiving and replying to the party RSVPs was invaluable.

Lastly the person to whom I owe the greatest debt – Miss Sonia Killik. Sonia was not only the inspiration behind the entire event but the tireless spirit behind its organising. Whilst I was engrossed in the cogs of our business Sonia arranged like I have never seen someone arrange before. A creative genius, possessing a PHD in awesomeness, Sonia truly deserves all the gratitude for her tireless effort.


Dave Sonia Bridget


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My parting shot

For those of you who enjoyed my short quote on the evening on how to be epic, it was an extract of this well-known blog-rant of self-publishing guru – Johnny B Truant.

Your comments are a welcomed validation of my writing prowess. Just a note, it would be appreciated if all comments submitted were a continuation of my ailment of alliteration.


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