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Author Anita Van Den Berg


About the author - Anita Van Den Berg

Anita writes under the pen name of Eeden Berg.

Eeden Berg is a retired ‘language practitioner’ who lives and writes in Johannesburg. Apart from brief stints as a shipping clerk and a travel consultant, all her jobs – first as a translator and later as an editor – were about words.

Her own writing was initially reserved for a series of sad, introspective diaries, which were later ceremonially burnt to symbolise a break with the past (almost setting the toilet curtains alight in the process, which brought her back down to earth fast!)

Looking back on her life today, she insists that an optimist is a pessimist with experience – not the other way around.

Bullied at school from the age of nine, the once carefree little girl soon became a wary, withdrawn child, ultimately growing into a lonely and insecure adult. Hence her eventual interest in psychology and self-help literature.

It was her discovery of the power of auto-suggestion that turned her life around, taking her on a life-changing journey culminating in the writing of her first book, Is your Self-Talk your Friend or your Enemy?


About the book - Is your self-talk your friend or your enemy?: How to harness auto-suggestion to turn your life around


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Is Your Self-Talk Your Friend or Your Enemy?

Life and Death are In the Power of the Tongue

Many of us don't realise the extent to which our thoughts and statements affect our lives. Our decisions are based on our self-beliefs, and as such become our truths. Sadly, for most of us, our self-talk is not our friend.

We can go for years, thinking that we're on track, when one day, reality hits. Much like the fertile soil of a garden, when the mind is left untended, the weeds of self-doubt and negativity take over. That's how we become overworked, understimulated and unhappy.

Are you ready to start living a happy, healthy, fulfilled life? Then it's time to make friends with your inner voice. Your words to and about yourself can manifest good health, dreams, and goals if you choose them wisely.

Deep Concepts for a Meaningful Life

This book is not a self-help book, but rather a help-yourself book. Unlike many other books that focus on a single method, Is Your Self-Talk Your Friend or Your Enemy? explores a variety of methods, complete with practical examples to help you tend to your mindscapes through affirmations.

Written by a former sceptic, Is Your Self-Talk Your Friend or Your Enemy? is ideal for:

  • Anyone who is sceptical, but curious about affirmations and how they work

  • Anyone who wants to learn new methods of affirmations to add to their existing skills 

  • Anyone looking to improve one or more areas of his or her life


This book will show you how to:

  • say no without feeling guilty

  • cultivate mutually rewarding relationships

  • handle fear and worry

  • overcome hurdles and stumbling blocks

  • handle setbacks, regrets and disappointments

  • reinforce healthy habits and routines

  • heal yourself from the inside out

  • manifest your dreams and goals

  • and much, much more.

If you are ready to start living a calmer, happier and more fulfilled life, this book will equip you with the tools you need to achieve everything you want in life.

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