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Author Matthew James Daniel


 About the author - Matthew James Daniel

Matthew James Daniel is the nom de plume of a man who learnt the hard way that this world is not for the faint hearted. Fortunately, eventually, he discovered that to cope with it, and to make his life worthwhile and fulfilling, he needed to nail his colours to the cross of Jesus Christ.


About the book - The The Nephilim Ark (The Simon Holt Trilogy Book 1)


The Nephilim Ark by MAtthew James Daniel


The Nephilim were fallen angels who consorted with human women and had children by any of them they chose The Nephilim were all but wiped out in the flood. A cell of Nephilim descendants infiltrates modern England with the twin objectives of breeding a fresh supply of Nephilim boys from good British stock before destroying a major segment of Anglican clergy using the precise method that had saved God's chosen ones in the flood. An Ark.

But unbeknown to them their plans are discovered by a formidable Christian woman who in turn plans their total destruction.But who will succeed and at what cost?


About the book - The Trance Mitter (The Simon Holt Trilogy Book 2)


3D Cover Image Trevor blow

The Trance Mitter is the second book in the Simon Holt trilogy following on The Nephilim Ark.

Reverend Simon Holt and his wife Sarah, who is his assistant priest, continue to run a thriving Parish in Guildford. But their lives change dramatically when, unbeknown to them, a stranger with unique powers, remotely sets in motion a string of events, which will have a major impact on them and the people close to them.

When Sarah is diagnosed with a terminal disease, the stranger finally contrives to meet them face to face. Using hypnosis, he transports them back in time to participate, first hand, in a significant event in history -the crucifixion of Jesus Christ - before bringing them back to the present.

But to what purpose? And who is the stranger? And who is his mysterious blond accomplice?


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