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About the author - Zelia Cox

As I sit here in front of my computer writing this bio about myself, I realise that there is nothing much to say. I am a single mom, who has had to fight life’s curve balls every day of every year which does not render me a hero or one of life success stories, it just renders me as one of the MILLIONS of other single moms out there doing the same thing. Survive. When a child comes into your life, regardless of the circumstance you find yourself, you change, and you change for the better.

I rebelled at a very young age, and put my parents through hell. When my Dad passed, I lost my ‘rock’ my ‘life line’, but you know what made it possible for me to carry on? My daughter.

I never was ever lucky in the love department. Always being attracted to the wrong type. Still am, to this day. I was told recently that it’s because I don’t see myself as deserving of any better. That could be so true.

My mother once told me that the guy I am looking for is impossible to find. But why can’t I find a guy who is as dangerous as all hell, yet so committed to me and my child and would stop at nothing to protect us. I guess life doesn’t work that way, it’s either one or the other.

I have lived my whole life always trying to please others or making sure the opinions of me that others had was all positive. I’ve lived a life of solitude. I am happy with who I am and I am happy with the life choices I have made. Most of all, I am so proud of the person my daughter has become.


About the book - The Bullet Makes The Man


The Bullet Makes the Man by Zelia Cox


Life for Raygan O’Conner as a single mother in Calabasas has been very trying over the years. With the loss of her parents when she was only 17 and then the tragic death of her twin brother 3 years ago she has felt very alone. Her brother’s death still remains unsolved which means Raygan has not had any closure.

One cold rainy night her path crosses with a man she has been fantasizing about for the past year. Trey Nichols is a powerful man known for his ruthless reputation as a ‘gun for hire’. Raygan is torn between believing the rumors about Trey, or finding out for herself who he really is.

Trey has an extremely dark past that he keeps hidden deep down in his sub conscious. He suffers from chronic PTSD and chooses to rather ‘numb’ his emotions than deal with them. His emotionless state makes him the ultimate killing machine. But can Raygan help Trey feel true emotions again without risking her own life, or the life of her child, knowing that Trey’s mental instability is the most dangerous thing about him?

Raygan and Trey embark on an emotional journey so dangerous yet so addictive. Raygan being so innocent to the world Trey lives in, finds herself in situations that haunt her mentally and physically. With an attempt already been made on her life and insurmountable evidence stacking up against Trey in the murder of her brother she is flung into the middle of a conflicting emotional battle. Trey’s dark internal demons start to surface, but is Raygan powerful enough to fight them, on a physical level? Is her love and devotion for Trey strong enough for the truth?


About the book - For Love And Bullets: Warriors in the war of love, life and loss


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Secrets, lies and dead bodies. Raygan O’Conner’s mundane life from two years ago has done a complete turnaround. As Emma is getting older and understanding more, Raygan finds it is a constant struggle to keep Emma away from the dangers that come from being associated with Trey Nichols. Raygan learns the truth about the circumstance surrounding Jamie’s death. But is that the truth? Or are there many more secrets and lies that are still to surface?

Despite all the challenges that face Raygan and her love for Trey, she now needs to put her health first. If anything were to happen to Raygan, it would send Trey spiralling down into the deep dark within him. Knowing that her health is an important issue for Trey, she finds herself failing to disclose all information to Trey, knowing full well his reaction. Raygan, once again has to deal with loss. But can she also help Trey through this devastating period? Help him to control the “monster” inside him without being physically hurt.

Trey accepts a job contract in one of the most dangerous places on earth, but is this just one step too far? Psychologically is this the point of no return? Trey must fight harder than ever before to keep the demons at bay, and protect Raygan from both physical and psychological threats. His mental state is tested beyond all measures, from an attempt now being made on his life, to the possibility that he may have to spend the rest of his life in prison. With only one way to handle all of this, does he succumb to the “monster”?

Raygan stronger than ever mentally takes on anything that may be a threat to her relationship with Trey, but hides her physical weakness from everyone including Emma. How much longer can she keep it a secret that her health is not as she portrays?

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