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Author Keenan Paulsen


About the author - Keenan Paulsen

Keenan Paulsen, branded "the voice to listen to," is a new and refreshing addition to the talent pool of South African professional speakers. With expertise in performance enhancement coaching, leadership, character and attitude development, Keenan has established himself as a leading authority and keynote speaker on personal coaching and mind-set transformation with a particular focus on youth and sport personalities.

A professional golfer himself, Keenan first entered the professional sporting arena forming part of the Ernie Els Foundation for five years. During that time, the young and distinguished achiever also graduated with a Bachelor's Degree in Sport Psychology, and formed part of the team that would go on to clinch the top spot at numerous golf events around the province. This would catapult Paulsen to international acclaim, granting him the opportunity to represent South Africa at the World Student Games in Thailand in 2007. His career as a professional golfer spurred from then on, with Keenan frequently partaking in other big name tournaments such as the 2007 SAP Invitational in California, as well as the Sunshine and Big Easy professional tours.

Apart from Paulsen's exemplary talent on the greens, it is his equally on par, charisma and uncanny ability for speaking and engaging with audiences that motivated him most to invest in his personal brand as a keynote speaker, landing him speaking engagements with major brands, The Baby Expo and Standard Bank. He continues to inspire, motivate and assist people in realising their true potential more now than ever after recently completing his first book titled, 'How to Win Before You Begin.'

In the remarkably simple yet powerful read, Paulsen chronicles what exactly it takes to condition the inner athlete to attain the ideal state of self-realisation by committing to win. A commitment to win that Paulsen has made for himself, is to never stop learning and to never stop giving back. He strongly advocates for social change within needy communities and by partnering with a Johannesburg non profit organisation has been able to contribute extensively of his time and expertise (through motivation sessions) to ensure that he plays a part in enriching the lives of others.

Paulsen has also recently completed a mini-MBA qualification, through the Joseph Business School (started by international speaker Dr Bill Winston), which not only teaches practical and effective business acumen to upcoming entrepreneurs, but also promotes the cause of doing business to assist communities, cities and nations, ultimately eradicating systemic poverty. In addition to the performance enhancement coaching, leadership, character and attitude development training, as well as gaining transformational insight from the content of the book, 'How to Win Before You Begin'.


About the book - How To Win Before You Begin: Mental Coaching for people who want to win


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‘How To Win Before You Begin’ is an inspirational self-help book aimed at achieving performance enhancement for individuals already technically competent at their chosen sport. As the title suggests, it proposes to win the competition within the mind before ever playing in the actual event. It focuses on the development of inner athlete, and will assist readers to navigate between emotions thoughts and beliefs while playing and practising.

The wisdom contained in this book is a consolidation of life experience, education, revelation as well as various observations from successful individuals and champions.

The book is strategically written to encourage self-awareness as well as personal mastery and aims to have its readers achieve a level of self-actualisation that would otherwise not be achieved.

The book targets four major areas of consideration for performance enhancement:

  1. belief system review

  2. personal values

  3. celebrating of success

  4. innovation of current training and game methodology


Positive changes in these four areas are sure ways to achieve a greater level of performance in sport as well as in life.


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