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About Gilan Gork

Gilan Gork is an internationally acclaimed mentalist who regularly features on prime-time TV shows as well as in media interviews and press articles. With more than eighteen year's professional experience, Gilan has been dubbed the Master of Influence. Gilan's live mentalism shows look impressively psychic in nature! However, he never claims any supernatural powers -- everything he does is achieved through a shrewd combination of psychology, sleight of mind and other skills he has spent a lifetime developing.

Gilan is in great demand as a corporate speaker and trainer. He shows business people that being able to read and influence people is the key to success in leadership, sales, negotiation and other business contexts.


About the book


Persuasion Games: Will you persuade or be persuaded? Learn the mind games of influence and how to win them


This book will change your life.
You are playing persuasion games all the time, whether you realise it or not. Now, for the first time, one of the world’s top mentalists teaches YOU the hidden secrets of persuasion and influence that will enhance your personal, social and professional life.

In this remarkable and exciting book, acclaimed mentalist and trainer Gilan Gork reveals the powerful psychology of subtle, successful persuasion that you can use on your clients, colleagues, family, friends… and even complete strangers! Persuasion Games explores, examines and explains the mind games of influence that are part of everyday life — and how to win them. You will not only learn how to enhance your own powers of influence in an ethical, responsible way, but also how to protect yourself from persuasive exploitation in any form.

Gilan has travelled the world to find the leading experts in influence and study their methods, including the normally private, secret realm of professional ‘psychics’. Discover how many seemingly ‘psychic’ powers are actually persuasion techniques that anyone can learn — including a psychological model of communication that is one of the world’s best-kept secrets.

Welcome to the Persuasion Games.







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