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About the Father Johan Strydom

Fr Johan was born on 9th August 1953 in Pretoria. There he grew up as an Afrikaans and Dutch Reformed child going to Afrikaans schools. His parents divorced when he was 8 years old. In 1967 his mother, sister, and himself emigrated to Zimbabwe and so he attended Churchill High School in Harare which was English medium. After completing A Level he obtained a Social Science Honours degree at the University of Rhodesia as it was called then. Having become a Catholic in 1969 while in High School, he gradually discerned the call to the priesthood, and ultimately returned to Pretoria and began studying for the priesthood at St John Vianney Seminary for the Archdiocese of Pretoria in 1976. He obtained his Honours theological degree at St John Vianney: Bachelor of Sacred Theology issued through the Pontifical Urban University Rome, and an Honours degree in Psychology through Unisa. He was ordained to the priesthood in Pretoria on 28 November 1981.

After serving in several parishes he obtained a Masters Degree in Formative Spirituality at the Catholic University of Duquesne in Pittsburgh, USA. He taught psychology and spirituality at St John Vianney Seminary part-time and full time at St Peter's Seminary Hammanskraal for 2 years, and then part time as he was appointed parish priest of Christ the King parish in Queenswood Pretoria in 1990. He was lecturing part time then at St Peter's Seminary in Hammanskraal and then in Garsfontein when it moved there. He has done work on radio and television.

In 2005 he was appointed parish priest of St Christopher parish in Plettenberg Bay in the Diocese of Oudtshoorn. In 2012 he took up his present position as parish priest of SS Peter and Paul in George, the heart of the Garden Route.


About the eBook

Carried in Love, Transformed by Beauty

This book is spiritual guide for life and helps to understand the meaning and purpose of life, love, suffering and death. Through personal experiences and the insights of psychology, theology and scripture a way to finding true life and happiness is shared. Deep personal suffering can be transformed into beauty and love, and discovering the presence of the Divine Lover and Beloved leads to the experience of being loved and loving. Insights into how to overcome depression, adversity, cultural and sexual challenges, and fulfill deep personal needs in a materialistic society are shared. This book explores what life on earth is ultimately about. We are born for heaven!



In Liefde Gedra, Omvorm deur Skoonheid. (Afrikaans Edition)

In hierdie boek, In Liefde Gedra, Omvorm deur Skoonheid, ondersoek Vader Johan Strydom die werklikheid van God se liefde en teenwoordigheid en die doel en betekenis van die lewe. Waar is God in my lyding en worsteling met my probleme, in my seksualiteit en begeertes, in my verhouding met ander? Is daar hoop en lig vir donker tye?

Hier is voedsel vir hart siel en gees. Vader Johan deel baie persoonlike ervarings wat help om die boek te deurleef, en om die liefde tasbaar te ervaar. Die boek gee 'n oorsig van die pad van geestelike groei en ontwikkeling wat sielkundig gebalanseerd is en gegrond is op die lewende Woord van God. Hier is hulp vir innerlike genesing en bevryding, en inspirasie en moed vir die hedendaagse uitdadings van ons samelewing.







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