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Michael G. Bergen

Michael Bergen was born in England and grew up in Canada, though he has lived in Europe and South Africa for most of his adult life, and it was here that The Rutherford Chronicles first sprang to life.

History was always Michael's first love and sparked an interest in his own family heritage. This led, following meticulous research, directly to his writing of The Rutherford Chronicles, a series of four books based on the lives of his ancestors, their friends and families and the broader world in the turbulent years of the early to mid 20th century, and culminating in the final novel, based on his own experiences during the Cold War of the second half of that century.

The Rutherford Chronicles follow the lives of ordinary people thrust into extraordinary circumstances, and events controlled by their much better known and more powerful contemporaries on all sides of the conflicts, many of whom are referenced within the pages of the books.

  1. Book one, Empire Discovered, begins during the Second Anglo-Boer War in South Africa and continues into British India.
  2. Book two, Empire and War, takes place in the trenches and German POW camps in WWI.
  3. Book three, Empire and Tyranny, is the story of a soldier of the Canadian Artillery during WWII.

The last book, Empires Lost, follows events during the Cold War, based on Michael's own experiences during the later years of the 20th century.



Empire Discovered: The Rutherford Chronicles Part 1


Michael G Bergen Empire Discovered Pic 2


Joe Rutherford, a young shipbuilder from Jarrow, in the northeast of England, is unusual among his peers. He was fortunate to attend school long enough to learn to read, and becomes an inspiring teller of stories about the current war in southern Africa; stories he has gleaned from the British press. Soon, despite the opposition of their loved ones, he and his friends decide to join the British Army, and set out on an adventure they couldn’t possibly have expected from the newspaper reports Joe has been relaying to them.

Shipped out to join the existing forces after only minimal training, they soon encounter the harsh and terrifying reality of war; the atrocities on both sides, the loss of friends and comrades, and the desperation of holding on to friendships, relationships and romance in the light of what may be a very short life ahead of them. They also learn to understand the commonality of humankind the world over, whether it be found in friends or enemies.

Unsure of what may happen from one day to the next, the friends cling tightly to each other, to hope, and to new friends they meet along the way, knowing that only they, and perhaps luck, can keep each other safe…

Written after meticulous research into the lives of the common soldiers of the period, as well as those of the more well-documented officers and commanders, this story is the first in a series that follows generations of the Rutherfords through their own family history and that of the world around them.





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