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Author Leon de Beer



Leon de Beer

Leon lives in the beautiful city of Cape Town, South Africa. When he is not writing, he is binge watching movies or reading. On a sunny day he can be found either chilling on one of the pristine beaches or taking long walks on Table Mountain.



Ant Vampire

Leon de Beer - Ant Vampire Cover

The decaying ruin of a once spectacular palace, rests on a hill close to the colony where Adam and his family lives. Overcome with an obsessive desire to visit this forbidden place, and against the advice and wishes of his loved ones, he sets out late one afternoon to investigate the secluded and mysterious pile of rubble. Perhaps he can bring home proof that the long-departed residents were indeed as wealthy and privileged as the stories say?

But something evil lurks in the darkness, something vile and monstrous lies in wait within the fog. Glowing eyes watch his arrival and plot to take not only his freedom, but also his very lifeblood!

What is this sinister presence that stalks Adam’s community, and could it be the cause of so many other missing ant children?
When his escape attempt is thwarted, Adam is taken to a place of nightmares to await his grisly fate.

How will the colony rescue him in time if nobody knows where he is?

Can Adam survive to tell his own story?





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