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Angela d'Egville

The Spirit of Africa runs through her soul. Born in southern Africa in the sixties, Author Angela d'Egville, known as Anji to her friends, currently resides in the UK, although her heart still beats with the unmistakable rhythm of Africa.

Angela's passion for writing began as a little girl. It was a means of expression. An outlet for her creativity, a place to record moments in time.

With a varied career which started as a sales girl in a jewellery shop to later owning a manufacturing jewellery business, Angela d'Egville's career included years in the newspaper world of advertising and PR ; a six year period as a Peace Negotiator/facilitator during the dreadful days of violent unrest of South Africa's painful birth into a Democracy in the 1990's and then, a further six years developing the tourism industry to repair the people and places broken by war and civil unrest. The past twenty years were spent alongside her husband, developing a successful hotel in the scenic Drakensberg of Kwazulu Natal of South Africa.

Although Angela's career has been varied and interesting, she continued to pursue her passion for writing. Her first novel, INTO THE LION'S DEN, is an historical novel based on a true story spanning 100 years from 1770 - 1870. The book was first published in September 2020. Today, entering what she calls her Third Act of life, Angela d'Egville is following her dreams, as she continues to bring her writing to the world.

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Into the Lion's Den: A True Story set in 1820 Africa

Into The Lions Den BY Angela DEgville

What drives thousands of British immigrants to trade their opulent lives in Regency England for the untamed shores of a wild Africa?

This was the question that sparked UK-based author, Angela D'Egville, to delve deeply into her family’s past with this gripping, fact-based historical novel nearly two centuries after their arrival on southern African shores.

Into the Lion’s Den follows the story of dashing Irish jeweller, Samson O’Malia Daniel, and the stunning Amelia Margarith d’Egville from the famous French dancing family of the Drury Lane Theater in London, and how they make their way to Africa as unwitting pawns in a bloody political struggle.

Follow the lives and times of the British immigrants who set sail for Africa aboard the Sir Osborne in 1820 from the perspective of Samson, Amelia, and their four young children.

Along with around four thousand other British immigrants, the young couple forge their way under harsh conditions as Britain and the indigenous Xhosa people fought for both land and power. A lifelong romance, the story highlights the raw realities the British experienced as they settled in the Eastern Cape of southern Africa in this story of courage, tenacity, and sheer determination.

Into the Lion’s Den promises the reader an intimate look into the love, passion, hardship, heartbreak, tribulation, betrayal, and triumph experienced by the British subjects who arrived on South African shores in search of a better life for themselves and their loved ones.

A must-read for any lover of historical fiction. Grab your copy today!




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