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Trevor Herbert

Trevor Herbert is a former senior executive in the retail sector who opted for full-time pastoral ministry in the year 2000. Currently he serves as a pastor in the Apostolic Faith Mission of South Africa (AFM of SA), one of the larger denominations in South Africa (1.4 million members). The AFM of SA has a footprint in Africa, Asia and Australia as well as parts of Europe and the USA.

Trevor is also involved in a number of city and community impacting organisations as well as local and global ecumenical initiatives. He lives in Cape Town, South Africa and is a father of three children, two sons-in-law and grandfather of two grandsons. He is married to Moira (a retired nurse) for 37 years. The family resides in the northern suburbs of Cape Town. This is his second book after his first work, Affirmative Action in the South Africa Workplace was published in 1994.


About the book

The Church, The City & The Virus: Where was the Church?

Trevor Hebert Where was the church Pic 2

And where exactly was the Church during the devastation caused by the corona virus? While COVID-19 was advancing on its unrelenting path of death and destruction? There are those who will say that the Church was here, there and everywhere. In the streets. Where the pain was. Where the brokenness was. Where the hunger was. Sometimes she could even be found on line, as they say. The Church was visible. She was seen. Her hands and feet of love, care and compassion was seen and felt everywhere. However, was she really heard? Did she really say what was needed to be said?


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