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 Paul Leger


About the author: Paul Leger

 Paul Leger was born in the Wild West mining town of Virginia, South Africa. After matriculating, he stumbled through a degree in Journalism and a MA in Psychology at Rhodes University.

He cycled northern and eastern Europe, worked on a kibbutz, and eventually returned to South Africa to take on an academic research job. Very soon after he fled the ivory tower, strapped a bike to the back of his VW Golf, and set out to write South Africa's first guide to mountain biking trails. This was followed by six editions of the popular Guide to Budget Getaways - the Good, the Bad, and the Ugly.

Bitten by the bug, he enrolled for a Masters degree in Creative Writing at UCT, and emerged with his first novel, the semi-autobiographical Sean, Eddie and Me. Following a long hiatus filled with property development and tourism in various forms, he finally got it together to write a second novel: Roadkill.

Paul is married with three young children and currently lives and (sort of) works in SA’s new Perth - Plettenberg Bay.

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About the book: Roadkill

Paul Leger - Roadkill


Exhibit 1. A jogger attracting flies at the side of the road.
Exhibit 2. Three soon-to-be deceased middle-aged white males.

Steve and Tarryn Aldridge’s roadtrip to Kruger Park isn’t going quite to plan. They have a small problem: a dead body to dispose of. But easier said than done. Waiting up ahead … an unhinged cop seeking redemption, a gold-toothed life insurance salesman, a cluster of ex-security operatives, and a dog called Adolf. They’re all on a mission, they all have an agenda, and they’re all about to T-bone at a rural backwater.

A crime caper inhabited by a cast of social misfits, Roadkill is Herman Charles Bosman on steroids. Set in a dusty dorp where SA’s dodgy past has taken up residence in post-Apartheid small town suburbia, where the innocent have become guilty by association, the result is a weaving fender-bender of one-part character study, one-part crime story, and one-part belly-ache comedy.


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