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About the Author: Tana Rivalland

Tana Rivalland is a retired mother of three daughters from the beautiful winelands area of the Western Cape, South Africa. She is an entrepreneur and a top-notch home cook, who dabbles in wine tasting and crochet projects. She grew up in a household surrounded by journalists, writers and editors, so it is only natural that what started as a creative outlet has ended in this incredible story. Rest assured that her writing will leave you wanting more – more suspense, more drama …. More!


About the book: Getting to Know You?: A steamy tale of romance, sexual awakening and dangerous liaisons

GTKY Tana Rivalland Kindle 1

As the only surviving heir to the Carter fortunes, living in a mansion in the Cape winelands and wanting for nothing, how can beautiful Sabine not be content with her life? She is waited on hand and foot by the devoted and beloved (though, often meddlesome) Mrs White. Her schoolgirl crush on the dashing family bodyguard, Ben Rodrigues, certainly keeps her entertained and she always has the company of her beloved Labrador, Bruno. But, there’s something missing in her life.

Ben Rodrigues has been caring for and watching the love of his life for years. Although her fame and fortune make the job of protecting her that much harder, he would lay down his life for her in a heartbeat.

Dr Sam Whitmore is a Cape Town sexologist with a difference. Although the risqué, hands-on methods that she uses in her stimulation room have very positive and orgasmic results, there are those that feel that she crosses a line. She doesn’t trust easily and relies heavily on her bodyguard and her Personal Assistant, Julia. She may be loved by some, but she is certainly hated by many.

An intriguing tale of hidden identities, sexual awakening, dangerous liaisons, blackmail, and murder, against the backdrop of a burgeoning love story.

Will you really get to know the characters as their lives intertwine?

Grab your copy to find out.


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