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Author Lynn Sherlock


About the author: Lynn Sherlock

I met and married Christopher Sherlock when we were both in our 50’s. We were not given a great deal of time together though, as after being together for 3 years, Chris was diagnosed with a deadly GBM brain tumour. Chris was a published author of 5 action adventure books, and he wanted to write a non-fiction book about his illness. Unfortunately he never managed to write it, so in his final weeks I promised him I would write it. Prior to that I had never thought about writing a book, but I had kept all the notes I had made in doctors rooms, plus I had the few blogs he wrote during the illness. So I pulled it all together with my perspective as the wife / primary carer, woven in-between. I really hope it can help others going through a similar experience.


About the book: The Man Behind The Mask: The story of a man's journey with cancer


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Chris Sherlock was an author who wrote and published five action adventure books. He had wanted to write this book himself – about his experience dealing with his brain tumour. He had already decided on the title, but God had other plans for him.

During Chris and Lynn's last few weeks together she made him a promise that one day she would write it for him. It hasn't been an easy book to write, but it has been a cathartic experience and hopefully one that will help others who find themselves on a similar road, providing helpful links to organisations and also her practical observations. 


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