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Author Michael Bardsley


About the author: Mike Bardsley

Mike Bardsley (Sapper Soutpiel) has been a chandelier cleaner, shoplifter, casting agent, builder, soldier, filmmaker and is now a male escort (Special discount for former Miss World’s)

He’s a Table Tennis gold medal winner (Huddersfield YMCA, 1975), had a limerick published in the Pinelands High School magazine and won an Emmy….sort of.

Lead shouter in punk band The Tommy Tits and was once refused a toasted cheese and tomato sarmie during a short stay at Strand Police cells.

Created the first TV sports quiz show in SA, edited Pumpkin Patch and has directed at the US Tennis Open.

He’s been stabbed by a druggie, moered by a drunk All Black and kicked by a sober zebra.

Shares his palatial Muizenberg hovel with a bottle of Klipdrift brandy, two cockroaches and a growing sense of despair.

Still waiting for the One.

Any One really.



About the book: Soutie and the Big Crocodile: Bullets, Blisters and Jukskei

Soutie and the Big Crocodile Bullets Blisters and Jukskei

When The Big Crocodile (PW Botha) enlisted foreigners in the South African army, he expected the warrior descendants of Winston Churchill, Vasco da Gama and Field Marshall Rommel. Instead, he got Sapper Soutpiel - an asthmatic, short-sighted, brandy-swilling punk rocker.
Follow Soutie as he learns how to steal socks, forge signatures, kak in die bos, dropkick helmets, smuggle hot dogs and bite his bed linen.

Can his dainty British testicles survive the freezing Orange Free State nights? Will he ever nd some crispy bacon? And will the Big Crocodile let him stay at his holiday home?

Welcome to the crazy world of Sergeant Snor, Corporal Babyface, Major Rabid and the mysterious Anneline (PO Box 12, Sun City).

Moenie vir my loer nie, troep. Buy the blerrie book!

WARNING: Not recommended for angry PFs with a heart condition.


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