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Author Jolene Raison


About the author: Jolene Raison

Jolene Raison spends a little time every day fishing for stars, and the rest of the time planning stories for children. She believes stories are dream-seeds, and we should plant worlds full of them for our children. She’s worked as a copywriter, freelance-journalist, business writer, and general wordsmith for hire. Her current adventures include being the director of an industrial hardware store, studying towards her masters in Applied Linguistics, and learning Russian. She lives in Johannesburg with her two most-love hoomans, two pugs, an iguana, several snails and a giant plush penguin named Pondis.


About the book: The Vitiligo Spot Spotter


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It's not always easy to feel good in your skin, especially when almost no one has skin like you. People stare! They stare at Cinnamon with her vitiligo spots. All the stares scare her, and she imagines the people have turned into a multi-monster that's after her spots. She's sure everything would be better if her spots were gone. Will this plucky little girl find a way to get rid of the Spot Spotter and of her vitiligo? Or will she find some other way to face the monster, spots and all?


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