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Author Mia Botha


About the author: Mia Botha

 Mia has used her many years of procrastination experience to create 12 Short Stories. She is a writer and a writing teacher, as well as master of desk organisation and tile grout scrubbing. After yet another year of unfinished manuscripts, random scribbles, and self-loathing, she decided to set this challenge for herself. She discovered that she was not the only one who needed to out-source her discipline. Right now, she is writing 12 short stories in 12 months (for the third time). She also wrote these blog posts about the craft of the short story and has put them together in this book.


About the book: Write the crap out of it: and other short story writing advice


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The cursor blinks.The white page waits for your story...and waits and waits and waits and then, at last, it arrives, but so do the questions: 

  • Is it good enough? 
  • Is it long enough? Or short enough?
  • How do I add setting without adding to the word count? 
  • Should I be showing or telling?

Write the Crap Out of It and Other Short Story Writing Advice is an easy-to-use guide to the art of the short story that will help you answer these questions. It's for everyone from the novice who wants to write their first short story to the novelist looking for a side project. This book, based on a series of blog posts written for Writers Write, will get you writing. It includes good writing advice and plenty of writing exercises.


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