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About the author: Stefan Schutte

I was born in the heart of the Northwest Province in South Africa - just as the sun was setting on the last couple of months of the 1970s. It was on the lush lawn of my parents’ farm and at my school in nearby Sannieshof where I developed an interest in sport, with music and writing following shortly thereafter. 

After watching the World Cup in 1998 I attempted the launch of my first football (soccer) team and failed dismally. In 2014 I tried again, and decided to tell the story of our initial struggles, stubborn defiance and ultimate camaraderie we forged on and around the five-a-side pitches of Century City, Cape Town. 

In addition to Parts 2 and 3 of The Hatching, I am also working on my second and third (both unrelated) books. 

I enjoy writing both fiction and non-fiction, and often try to bring my love for sport and music to life through my writings. 


About the book: The Hatching: Part 1 

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A True Story

In The Hatching Stefan Schutte relates the intriguing and true story of the Edgepoint Eagles FC at the Century City grounds in Cape Town.

As the club’s founder, player-recruiter, captain and statistician, Schutte has also moonlighted as team driver against the omnipresent sounds of Bruce Springsteen and later Brian Fallon of The Gaslight Anthem.

The Edgepoint Eagles are an interesting and diverse team comprised mostly of men in their 30’s and 40’s - and a group of teenage boys. The Hatching delves into the rollercoaster of emotions and adventures that ensued as two of the older players, Piet and Christo tried to leverage the experience they had gained as distinguished club rugby players, to succeed at the much smaller and faster form of "the beautiful game".

Following the Edgepoint Eagles' somewhat dismal performances in their first few games, levels of disappointment and uncertainty grew. Triggered tensions increased as the team members found they had become the laughing stock of the leagues, their colleagues, and even some of their families.

Would their best players stick around long enough to ensure the sustainability of the team, or would they be forced to find new blood? And could they ever hope to achieve a more acceptable league standing? 

Grab your copy of The Hatching, Part 1 in Stefan Schutte's enthralling three-part sports series - you will be sure to enjoy the ride!


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