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Author Sybrand Anema


About the author: Sybrand Anema aka The Pipeman

Sybrand Anema nicknamed ‘Pipeman’ because of his prosthetic leg is an ex-soldier and current construction contracts manager. His successes in construction include multi-story buildings, casinos, luxurious estates, state of the art hospitals, industrial developments, roads and bridges, water treatment plants and even agricultural projects. Like many families around the world he too lost good friends in war and therefore decided to write ‘Puzzles of War’ in honour of those brave men and women who put themselves in harm’s way to protect the freedom of their loved ones back home. Their extreme bravery and amazing skills are seldom mentioned or acknowledged. ‘Puzzles of War’ pays tribute to the guts and bravery needed during military training and times of war.


About the book: Puzzles of War: 47

Author Sybrand Anema

Jack Small has always been his grandfather's greatest fan. He was in awe of the older man's eighteen medals earned in the service to his country, not to mention his immense physical stature. Growing up, Jack wanted to be just like his Pops. He wanted to fight the arms trade, which perpetuated wars that continue to kill thousands of innocent people every year.

At the tender age of sixteen, Jack faced the biggest tragedy of his life, after which his life changed irrevocably. However, Pops had taught him to be brave and stubborn and those lessons, along with the promise he made to his grandfather, would carry him through this terrible time. Leaving behind his life, Jack sets out to finish what Pops started by joining the military, where he is confronted with the toughest training conditions known to man.

Follow Jack's story as he endures mental and physical obstacles, living the legacy his grandfather has left behind.

This story is very loosely based on one man's perspective of the arms dealing problem in Africa. While the story is fictional, it touches the underlying hardships, decisions, and consequences faced by soldiers and ordinary civilians around the world whose lives are shaped by this problem. It also touches on the bonds that are formed through generations of not only families, but strangers who are tossed together by life's unforeseen circumstances.

Will Jack deliver on the promise he made on Pops' deathbed? Buy your copy of Puzzles of War today to find out.


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