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About the author: Alan Craig Kynoch 

Alan Craig Kynoch born in Aberdeen, Scotland, grew up in Umtali (Mutare) in Rhodesia /Zimbabwe. Having left an aspiring accounting career, I went farming in the Melsetter district in the Eastern Highlands. On the advice of a friend I moved to Botswana where I enjoyed several years collecting birds and game for zoological institutions. With the onset of the bush war in Rhodesia I returned to farming once again in the Eastern districts before moving to Nuanetsi, in the Lowveld, where I began my career in large scale cattle ranching.

I then moved to Turk Mine where I managed a huge cattle herd but with the change to majority rule in Zimbabwe I emigrated to South Africa to take over the management of a large cattle and game ranch. In time I moved to Pilgrims Rest once more being involved in the management of a large mixed livestock enterprise. Before moving to Zambia I took over the management of another mixed farming enterprise in the Lowveld. I have been involved in various livestock operations in Zambia in different parts of the country. I emigrated to New Zealand for a brief period before returning to Africa.

I retired from my involvement with a transport company two years ago and presently live on a smallholding outside Ndola, where I farm pigs, chickens and sheep and enjoy the occasional game of golf.

About the books



3D Cover AlanK NotTheirLand

Set in Rhodesia / Zimbabwe, it relates the story of a cattle ranch developed in the Lowveld by the Anderson family. It covers the period from early 1950’s up to the infamous land-grab of farms in 2000. Harry Ellis a conservationist/ farmer becomes involved in the ranch and the Anderson family, as does Bembani Nkomo, a former poacher. Phineas Moroko, a mission educated terrorist impacts on the lives of the Anderson’s and those close to them with tragic consequences. Reg Thompson, a descendant of pioneer stock, and farmer becomes a tragic victim of the farm invasions which sweep through the country. Brightson Ndlumu, a former policeman turned renegade in exile, organises a revolution when his family is wiped out by the Zimbabwean army and subsequently he, Harry Ellis and his daughter become players in a bizarre coincidence. Through various incidents, the theme of who does the land really belong to re-occurs.



3D Cover AlanK AloneNotLonely

Many people are born to be alone, whether by circumstance or choice. There are those who feel lonely in a crowd while others find contentment by being alone and rarely experience the emotion of loneliness. Gordon Henderson was such a man who may have preferred a different outcome in his life.



3D Cover AlanK RoughDiamond

In every society, there are men who oppose convention. Many are good, many are not. Andy West had been both, perhaps not as bad as some but better than most. In the tumultuous changing times of Africa, like minded characters abound but few were prone to consider the fate of others in their quest for self- satisfaction. When people meet men like Andy West they are invariably attracted to his uncomplicated character and feel better for having done so. Such men are often known as rough diamonds.



3D Cover AlanK NoWomanDontCry

Alex Sands has been a hunter, rancher, lover, husband and father on various ranches in Southern Africa. He has two abiding loves, one of which is cattle. The other is Sharon who is never out of his life for too long but who cannot hold him against the pull of Africa. Of the various woman who influenced his life, only Sharon he believed would provide the contentment that eludes him.


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