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About the author: Pakane Lamola

Justinus Pakane Lamola, preferably called Pakane Lamola, holds a Master’s degree in Educational Psychology. He studied at the previously called Vista Univrsity, now University of Johannesburg. I also studied at university of Warsaw, in Poland and at Arizona State University, in USA. I have achieved more than 10 academic distinctions, more than 8 merit awards for academic excellence and more than 4 A achievements in academic courses. I love life, I enjoy working and I value investment of effort, persistent and use of correct strategies for any form of personal achievement. I am an experienced and passionate facilitator and I am an exceptional motivator. Making contribution towards developing others enables me to experience fulfilment. I have an interesting original thinking mindset and I love challenging daily experiences with intent to find out newer and better ways to do chores.

About the book: Achieving Academic Excellence: How to develop the attitude and skills for successful learning

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This book identifies nine common academic challenges that lead to under achievement in academic learning. Each of the identified academic challenge is described to explain how the challenge manifests itself in an academic learning setup. Thereafter, each of the nine challenges is given recommended solutions to it. This is done to enable the use of the book to apply recommended solutions to each of the academic challenges. A personal story of the writer has been added to enrich how some of these academic challenges presented themselves to the writer who managed to achieve more than nine (9) distinctions, more than ten (10) merit awards, who was awarded with a study bursary, a fellowship to Warsaw in Poland as well as with a scholarship to Arizona in the USA.

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