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About the author: Dr Rani Samuel 

Dr Rani Samuel is a Clinical Psychologist with extensive experience in the area of emotional healing and wholeness. She works in private practice as a psychotherapist seeing both hospital inpatients and outpatients. Her work is centered on guiding individuals through healing journeys from a place of crisis to one of greater resilience and contentment, in spite of the storms of life. The processes that her patients embrace deals with both the psychological spiritual aspects of healing.

Dr Samuel is passionate about releasing people into the fullness of their divine potential and purpose so that they may become more fully alive to the destiny on their life.


About the book: Living Stones: Psychological And Spiritual Insights To Inspire, Renew And Heal Your Life

3D Cover Rani Samuel

Clarity or Confusion?
Faith or Fear?
Wellness or Worthlessness?
Harmony or Haphazardness?
Wisdom or Wilderness?
Which Shall It Be?

Living Stones is about giving ourselves permission to believe again, feel again and dream again. It is replete with personal experiences of individuals who decided to make fresh, more significant choices for their lives. Reading these chronicles will give you a positive opportunity to transform and impact your own life journey.


About the book: Stepping Stones To Emotional Healing 

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Emotional Trauma affects a multitude of people across the world. Many look for a pathway through their circumstances, but few can find their way out alone. With the help of a therapist, one can begin to explore ways to work towards emotional healing to find their pathway to their new beginning.

Just as a surgeon performs surgery to fix what is in need of repair, a therapist performs emotional surgery which is just the beginning of the healing process. There are many ‘stepping stones’ unique to each individual’s walk, but it is not always a linear, logical pathway; it is journey that is often guided by a therapist who helps to identify the next stone on the path.

Stepping Stones to Emotional Healing illustrates intentional ways you can begin to take the next step on your own path toward healing. Dr Samuel’s practical pointers and touching stories of patients who have gone through their own healing journeys, identify workable tools that were crucial to her patients success. Through the personal reflection questions and action steps provided within, your journey to emotional healing can begin now. When you identify your next ‘stepping stone’ and courageously move forward, your life will begin to transform as you begin the next chapter.


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