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Showers taken by Dave is a proudly African business who ♥ helping new authors take control of their readership and royalties by creating and publishing books online.



Are you an author who wants to reach as many readers as possible?

Want to avoid without having to pay the proverbial arm and leg?

Publishing your book online is the best way to reach new readers and establish your credibility, fast. Going digital also means that you earn maximum royalties whilst keeping full ownership of your book.

Now more than ever, smart authors are asking themselves:

  • What value is added by publishing through a traditional publishing house?

  • Do I really want to be tied down with a long term contract?
  • Will the excessive costs of printing my paperback really add value to my message?
  • As more and more authors are publishing books online, do I really want to be left behind?


You might be wondering what your options are.  Let me explain.


Who we are

The team at MYeBook is a lifeline for an author left out in the publishing wilderness. We specialise in everything a new author needs to go digital.

We love empowering authors. We spend every waking moment helping authors benefit from the power of self-publishing withinin the digital landscape. Join our growing community of self-publishing authors now and enjoy our awesome service ™. Need proof?


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What we do

We offer all the assistance an author needs to take their writing from a raw manuscript through to a polished (e)Book. We specialize in helping authors sell their eBooks online through a number international eBook shops such as Amazon KDP, Smashwords, Apple iBookStore, Barnes and Noble and Kobo Writing Life.


How we can help you

  1. Editing and proofreading of manuscripts,

  2. Crafting captivating and unique sales blurbs,

  3. Illustrations for your childrens book, 
  4. Typesetting and layout of a manuscript interior for print,
  5. Professional cover design for eBooks and paperback-books,
  6. Conversion of a manuscript into eBook formats,
  7. Sales and Distribution of eBooks through the world's biggest eBook stores like Amazon,
  8. Publishing Print on Demand paperbacks on both Amazon and Createspace,
  9. Creating and hosting professional author platforms,

Why we rock

  •  We live in Africa, so we understand your unique needs as an author self-publishing from outside the First-world.
  •  You benefit from instant access to our teams of editors and designers through a single point of contact. This means you spend less time with stressful admin and more time writing.
  •  You benefit from being able to pick up the phone and call us, should you need any help.
  •  Our team has years of combined experience in the self-publishing industry.
  •  We have great partnerships with both local and international industry experts. 
  • We are a BBBEE level four certified business.

We understand that creating and publish an eBook seems scary. Our goal is to put your mind at ease every step of the digital publishing process. Rest assured that you have come to the right place. Hundreds of customers have already been helped by our free information and professional services.


Ready for our help? Start Here.


Warm Regards

David Henderson,

Founder of


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