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Kingsmead Book Fair - Saturday 23 May 2015

Kingsmead Book Fair - Saturday 23 May 2015

Saturday 23 May 2015 sees the Kingsmead Bookfair take place in Melrose Johannesburg.This event almost snuck by without me being able share it with everyone, luckily I found it in time.

The Kingsmead Bookfair is now in it's fourth year and looking at the stellar line up of not just authors, but industry celebrities I am honestly surprised it has not received greater mainstream coverage. (Then again maybe my head has been in the ground).

Notable names attending include: Khaya Dlanga, Ferial Haffajee, Moeletsi Mbeki, Michael Mol...the list really does go on much further.For a full list of the attending authors, click here.

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Authors - Do You Love Your Readers This Much?

Authors - Do You Love Your Readers This Much?
As authors you need to love your readers.

Right from the start, never release written content you don’t feel is absolutely in the best shape it can be. Ensure that your book covers are engaging and professional, the interior formatting makes for easy-reading and the wording has been finely tuned by an experienced editor. This is the author showing their readers love (and respect). The author only puts their best work forward because the reader deserves it.

When it comes to you as an author putting on your marketing cap whilst you collect your reader email details or send out messages to readers via social networks you once again show the reader love. You as the author don’t spam your reader’s inbox, ever. The author avoids cliché messages that are obviously just a hard sell. Instead the author shares conversational broadcasts speaking to your readers as if we were having a chat with an old friend.

Authors don’t be pushy when asking for reviews of your books, mass emailing people with a review copy of the manuscript and abruptly demanding a review. The author rather emails a select list of readers who you know would typically read/ enjoy your topic or genre of book. The author then asks for a review, not a positive one, but an honest one.

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South African Book Fair - 2015

South African Book Fair - 2015

This year sees the South African Book Fair, hosted in Newtown Johannesburg.After the success of the South African Book Fair 2014, hosted in Cape Town it was decided to alternate the fair between Cape Town and Johannesburg to give those Joburgers who can't make the trip to Cape Town a chance to mix with players in the publishing industry from all over the country.


 South African BookFair 2015 - Quick Facts


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