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We Review The Nephilim Ark by Matthew James Daniel

We Review The Nephilim Ark by Matthew James Daniel
 Reviewed by Self Publishing Review.

The Nephilim Ark by Matthew James Daniel centers around the biblical story of the Nephilim – a race of giants that came down to Earth and mated with human women. After this union led to debauchery and societal breakdown, God unleashed the flood – the story of Noah’s Ark. The Nephilim Ark fast forwards to modern day where the Nephilim are trying to grow their numbers again by attempting to breed with English women, while also trying to eradicate Anglican clergy. Their plans are discovered by a woman who aims to destroy their plan, but may lay waste to more than she bargained for.

The Nephilim Ark is an interesting modern take on an old story, woven into a crime thriller that veers away from being straight religious fiction into something that can appeal to a wider audience – ala The Da Vinci Code. It’s heavy on religious themes, but it is more concerned with telling a story than proselytizing.

This is an intriguing spin on religious fiction, written by a former priest – lending the book credibility and filling the book with detail so this epic story has a dynamic reality.

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ROSACon2016 – The place to be for those who write between the sheets

ROSACon2016 – The place to be for those who write between the sheets


I wont lie, this event has me salivating, for all the right reasons.

Who are ROSA?

ROSA is an apt acronym for a such a kind and caring group of writers. The Romance Writers of South Africa have groups in every major city in South Africa and provide much needed support and development to our countries romance writers.

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Jozi Book Fair 2016 @ Wits

Jozi Book Fair 2016 @ Wits


Hey all, a quick mention of the upcoming Jozi Book Fair due for early (1-4th) September 2016.

I attended the previous two events and thoroughly enjoyed them both. There are a wide range of events of the book fair from book launches, workshops, poetry readings, round-table discussions and then film and theatre exhibitions. For those worried mommies there are also special events arranged just for the kiddies.

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