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Ghost in the machine: What does a ghost writer actually do?

Ghost in the machine: What does a ghost writer actually do?


Almost everyone wants to write a book someday. Most people just don’t do it.

There are many reasons for the lack of follow-through; one of them is time. This is especially pertinent for executives, celebrities or motivational speakers who really should have a book out there to support their work, but just don’t have the time to put one together. Another reason is that writing scares the hell out of some people. We’re all born differently with unique talents and for some, writing just isn’t it. That’s not to say there isn’t a story to be told. Then there’s good old writer’s block (a blog on writer’s block is coming soon, so watch out for that).

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Is Partridge Africa a scam?

Is Partridge Africa a scam?


This is a letter I have received from South African author – Francois* - and is published with his consent. It details his experience as a first-time author dealing with the publishing company Partridge Africa. I will leave the letter as unedited as possible and add only comments and clarity where I think they might be needed. (Dave.)

For those looking to educate themselves, click here for further reading on the dubious practices of Author solutions and other vanity presses.

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2016 – The year of the book - A celebration of self-publishing through numbers.

2016 – The year of the book - A celebration of self-publishing through numbers.


45 000 , 78, 71 – A code for that safe where you keep the things no one must find? Nah, even better. Our digital publishing startup recently turned four (counting from the evening of its conception). This post is a textual-reminiscence over the year that was and what it meant for the self-publishing author.

I had a wee bit of fun compiling a list of how many writers had been welcomed through our doors to emerge the other side a literary cowboy, an outlaw in the land ruled by the traditional publisher: a serious, self-publishing author.

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