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Here at MYeBOOK we authors. Our days are spent helping authors reach new readers around the world whilst reducing the costs associated with self-publishing. We achieve this by helping to convert, publish and market an author's eBook online.

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How to install and use Amazon Kindle Previewer Software




This is an article for those authors who need to preview a Kindle eBook before publishing it on Amazon.

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Interview with an author - Paula Gruben

Interview with an author - Paula Gruben


Driven, ambitious and not scared of getting her hands dirty. Author Paula Gruben has a wealth of hands-on self-publishing experience that could benefit even seasoned authors. So grab your coffee mugs, take a break from reading NEWS24 and lets pick her brain - See how many times you catch yourself learning something new.


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3 Great Reasons To Create An Effective AuthorCentral Page on Amazon

3 Great Reasons To Create An Effective AuthorCentral Page on Amazon


Finishing a book is often a labor of love, a bucket list item, for many writers.

Marketing the book? Not so much.

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