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Top 10 tips on writing a great blog post.

Top 10 tips on writing a great blog post.

I first starting blogging in June 2013 on this very blog. My first blog post was not-surprisingly bad, however I have been blogging ever since and for those of you who follow my blog on digital publishing, I am sure you would agree, the quality of my posts is vastly better than once was the case.

I wanted to quickly share with you, a few lessons I have learned over the years on writing an engaging blog post that encourages the reader to read on.


1. Use your own voice

This is one of the hardest lessons learned. What’s unique about your blog is you. If you avoid using your own unique voice, maybe you are scared people will not like your opinion, remember that without your unique view on things you would simply be regurgitating information.

Trust your voice, share your opinion, don’t worry if this offends some people.


2. Link to cool resources (in a new window)

To make your blog post useful, share links to cool tools or links to other useful info you may have found. People will appreciate your effort as sharing your links will save them time on finding these links on their own. Other bloggers who see the web-traffic sent from your links will really appreciate your linking and this will help form relationships with them later on.

Just always open these links in new windows, or risk losing the visitors you worked so hard to get in the first place!


3. Deep link to your older articles

Once your blog has been running for some time, you will have assembled a large amount of useful content in your older articles. To help bring fresh eyes to older content, reference these older articles in newer posts (always open them in new windows). This way you newer articles will keep visitors on your blog for longer by referencing older, but still useful content.

This is what I did in the first paragraph of this post.


4. Make it interesting

Very simply, would you read your article?

Notice my article’s heading, do you think that I chose that blog title by accident?


5. Make it easy to understand.

Remember that most of your readers are lazy, waffle on at your peril. Creating headings to separate content within your longer articles that help break your writing into bite-size chunks. These will be easier on the eye and help your readers focus on the important bits.

A title, like the one I have used here is a great example, the best 10 things you should know about xcatchy right?


6. Focus on a single topic

It took me some time to learn this one. Often, as the person writing, you want to share everything you know about a certain topic in one article. I mean, who wouldn’t want to know everything about the latest platform or software?

I found that by focusing each article on a specific point I was able to keep my visitors attention for longer without losing them. It will also help you create more content for your blog, so focus that writing!


7. Include images and video as much as possible

Your articles need to be as interactive as possible, otherwise known as “sticky”. You want to engage your visitors as much as you can. By incorporating images, links and video, your chances of having the right material for your visitors is drastically increased.


8. Good Title and Blog image.

Pick a Blog heading that can explain the article content AND be catchy with the fewest words possible. Yes you want Google to love your headings but as always make the readers happy before you worry about Google. So use a few choice keywords whilst also grabbing the reader’s attention.

If you look through my first few blog posts you would notice that very few of them have a ”cover” image. I since learned that every post you write needs a catchy image. For every article I write, I will use a resource like Pixabay to find a great (copyright free!) image that describes the content.

Sometimes, if I feel particularly creative I will then edit the image in the free software GIMP to create something that is unique to my blog content and catches the reader’s attention.


9. Ask for comments

At the end of each post, engage you readers. Ask them to share their experience using the platform or software you are blogging about. Ask them to comment, and when they do, interact with them thanking them for taking time to share their views.

Love your blog readers!


10. Leverage social media.

As soon as this blog posts is published on my blog, I will share the post with the groups on LinkedIn and Facebook who I think might like the content. Sharing my posts via social media was a large reason for my blog success early on. I am able to get in front of my industry leaders by appearing in the right social media group, this would have taken forever trying other methods.

Many of my article tweets from industry experts have been as a direct result of simply sharing my content in the right social media group. Often a blog can be automated to automatically post your fresh content to various locations once it goes live.


To end off.

Notice how all ten blogging tips are applied in this post?

How did you find this post, was it the catchy heading that caught your eye? Maybe the Facebook are LinkedIn group you visited highlighted the post at the right time.

Either way, I really hope this post helps you, and yes, if it does I absolutely want to hear from you in my comments section!





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