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Self-Publishing Infographic


1. The rules of engagement

Do your homework before contacting us, this always makes for a smoother publishing process.


  • Are you just looking for a rough idea of pricing?
    Have a look through our services and the pricing page of our website to make sure you are prepared for the self-publishing process.

  • For an accurate idea on pricing we will have to see your actual manuscript.  (Emailed.)

  • Know what you need before contacting us.
    Understand the help you are looking for ahead of time, know what services we provide and the ones you would like us to help you with

  • Please treat communication with us in a professional manner, otherwise you risk not being taken seriously.

    • We don’t like communicating through Whatsapp, email or phone calls are preferred.

  • Know the commonly-made mistakes authors make when self-publishing their manuscript. Avoid making these mistakes.

  • We only help serious authors, authors who understand that we provide a professional service. These authors respect our time, always. They do not bombard us with calls outside of working hours, expecting freebies. Help us help you. (yes I said it)

  • We need your manuscript typed out in a word-processor such as MS Word. We cannot help authors who have manuscripts written by hand.

  • We prefer working online, this means no face-to-face meetings until we have received your manuscript via email and have had a chance to respond. We are always open to have a video chat over Skype.

  • We will never tell you that you are not good enough. We will help you publish regardless if you are a first-time author or an award winning poet. Don’t ask us if your work is good enough. If your manuscript needs a polish we will recommend you let us help you with editing. Here are some tips on reducing that the cost of editing.


2. How to submit.

 Once you feel comfortable that you are ready to begin the process, here is what to do.


2.1 Submit your information to us via our contact us page.

NB – By submitting your initial contact via our contact page you are automatically logged into our CRM system. This means we have your vital contact info and will not lose track of you. We prefer this route as it helps us give better service to the many authors who need our help. After submitting a contact form from our website you will be redirected to a thank-you page that will give you the email address you can email your manuscript to.


2.2 Have your manuscript ready in the right format

We prefer your manuscript to be sent in MS Word, Adobe InDesign or PDF (PDF only if you don’t have the first two formats). Authors who are using older software like Quark Express will need to export the manuscript into a common format such as PDF for us to work with. Please note that although we can make eBooks from a PDF manuscript this takes us longer and will attract a surcharge.


2.3 Email us the manuscript.

Email us your manuscript, along with a detailed description of the help you need. Without seeing your manuscript, we cannot accurately quote you on many services. Publishing processes like editing require that the editor assesses your writing style before quoting, there is no way around that. It does not matter if the manuscript is not 100% completed, a draft will do.


2.4 Include ALL your contact details in your emails.

Please make sure that you include all your contact info when emailing us. An email with just a manuscript attached does not help anyone (and yes we get these too often). Direct cell number, physical address and best email address should all be clearly indicated.


2.5 Changes and updates to your manuscript.

Once we have started working on your manuscript stopping to cater for spelling or other related updates from the author is not easy. To save time (and money) carry out the simple spelling and grammar checks before sending us the manuscript. Excessive and unnecessary updates will be charged for.


2.6 Deadlines?

If you have deadlines to meet, let us know ahead of time. That said many of the professional services we offer our authors take time, respect that we cannot rush and guarantee quality at the same time.


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