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Manuscript Typesetting Services for Self-Publishing Authors.

This service helps authors who just want to write. We take care of the interior formatting needed to make your book stand out among the sea of competition.


Ever feel like you just want to write and not have to worry about anything else? But then the voices in your head say, How is your self-published book going to look next to a professionally-published book? How will it stand out in a veritable ocean of competition? Are you sure that font is the best choice?

It’s enough to cause writer’s block. But there is an easy solution, such as getting someone else to take your manuscript, typeset it into the correct layout and convert it into any and all of the formats needed to get it out there! That means print-ready, web-ready, Kindle-ready; the whole shebang. Yes, such people do exist.

For example, there is our typesetting service that takes care of all the interior formatting needed to make your book look professional. During the typesetting process, our team takes care of all the manuscript layout issues, making sure the front-matter, contents and back-matter all appear in the right places and conform to printing best practices. We also generate essential interior elements, such as title pages, copyright pages, contents pages, etc. Should you need help with a cover, foreword, index, list of your other titles, and so on etc, we can help with those too.

We work with MS-Word and Adobe InDesign file formats, which means that our files are usable by all printers, in or out of South Africa.  Of course, we are also able to typeset (or code) manuscripts destined only for eBook formats, so don’t hesitate if you weren’t going to click print in the first place.


  • I can recommend MYeBook to anybody who is serious about their writing.
    Maggie Tideswell Paranormal Romance Author
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    Lize Jacobs Author of Lost in Chance
  • The MYeBook team provide great skill to the publishing process.
    Carl De Wet Author of Emotional Time
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