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Publishing your paperback on Createspace gives you the author, two very-powerful advantages.

Firstly, you are leveraging the power of the PoD (Print on Demand) publishing model. This means that no longer are you forced to purchase 1000 copies of your own book because it is an economical figure for the printers. Instead if a reader orders a single title then only a single paperback book is printed. Not only are you free from the weighty financial consequence of printing large numbers of your paperback but the shipping of those titles to the customer, which is enough to give an author a headache is handled by the printer. That’s right, the printer prints only the quantity of paperback books demanded and then handles the shipping of the title at the reader’s expense, not yours. (Bet your wallet is feeling better already)

Secondly by publishing on Createspace you are partnering yourself with an Amazon-owned company. That’s right, listing your paperback title on Createspace means that you have a partner in the form of the biggest and most powerful bookstore in the world listing your paperback on the shelves at Amazon, world-wide. After you have clicked publish on Createspace your paperback will be listed on the online shelves at within a week. If you already have your eBook listed on Amazon then readers browsing your eBook title will see an option to purchase the paperback title alongside the eBook format.


Why should you care?

As authors publishing from within Africa, the power of this partnership is essential to your success. Where else could you publish your paperback, reaching readers around the world for such a small cost? Your only worry throughout the whole process will be to ensure that you are delivering the best possible content to your readers. Let Createspace and Amazon take care of the cumbersome printing process.


Let us help you reach your readers

As part of our offerings to you the author, we can create the interior of your manuscript in the format required on Createspace. We not only format the manuscript interior but also the print-ready cover. A cover designed for Createspace will need a spine and back cover parts that obey the measurements and trim sizes that Createspace needs the self-publishing author to adhere to.

Let us help you list your paperback title online at Createspace and Amazon, for a small investment you will never have to worry about paying the printers ever again.

I would definitely recommend that authors interested in leveraging the power of Createspace read these articles from our blog. Don’t forget to read through the Createspace publishing checklist!


  • MYeBook published my first eBook after I thought I could do it all on my own and, of course, bungled it. They stepped in, asked for the final manuscript and a few other details, and published my book giving it the best chance it could possibly have in this tough
    Maggie Tideswell Paranormal Romance Author
  • David Henderson has an amazing work ethic. He is skilled, enthusiastic, considerate, approachable and friendly. He is very knowledgeable in his field and always ready to help or give advice. I would gladly recommend him to anyone looking to connect with a principled professional.
    Lize Jacobs Author of Lost in Chance
  • David and MYeBook published my book on Amazon and Kindle (see Emotional Time: The Importance of Gratitude), and he created a very professional and quality product. The MYeBook team provide great skill to the publishing process.
    Carl De Wet Author of Emotional Time
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