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Proof reading and editing manuscripts.

We offer a professional editing and proofreading service to ensure that your manuscript is in perfect order and ready for international publication. This service is recommended not just for first-time authors but also for authors who are confident in their skills, and simply need someone to point out any oversights.


The difference between editing and proof-reading

There are many different levels of engaging with a manuscript. They can be simplified into two main categories.


Proofreading is basic checking, looking at grammar, spelling, problems with syntax, capitalisation, word choices, missed words, sentence structure, paragraph lengths, and any glaring errors in content. This is recommended when you are short on time or budget. 

Editing is a rather more detailed check, carefully evaluating each element of a text. Elements are aspects such as structure, content, internal logic, language, plot, theme, sub-plot, characters and dialogue, and suitability for the intended audience. An editor tries to remedy issues with tone, clarity, clumsy wording, repetition, passive voice, factual errors, ethical implications, contradictions and discrepancies.

Note that a copy edit is a lighter version of editing, while a substantive edit usually involves some research, with polishing and rewriting of text.

You can specify the level of intervention you would prefer (basically, how closely the editor or proof-reader will engage with and change the content). For example you may wish for the editor to go to town on their copy of your manuscript, using tracked changes, so that you can undo anything you don’t like. Or you can request no actual changes to the manuscript at all, with the editor only making comments containing suggestions and observations.

Depending on the level of intervention you request, your manuscript (MS) will be critically reviewed and a detailed report will be provided on the relevant aspects.


Proofreading checks:

Language and grammar
We point out any language issues (concepts and grammar), as well as punctuation.

Physical structure and layout
We look at physical spacing, and the structuring of chapters, sections and sub-sections, with special attention being paid to the general professional appearance of the manuscript prior to publication.


Editing checks:

In addition to the proofreading checks above, editing includes the following.

Content, logical flow, cohesion/coherence
We examine the content for accuracy, completeness, consistency, logic and progression, style and structure. The editor will:

  • point out issues with any of the concepts, such as places where facts could not be confirmed or where passages seem to contradict each other

  • highlight sections of the MS that might not make sense or might be confusing to readers, perhaps due to lack of flow or language issues

  • analyse how well your MS flows; whether it flows logically and seamlessly and how the sections relate to one another. The goal is to ensure that your manuscript forms a coherent whole without jumbled ideas or missing pieces.


Creative approach
The editor will look at your writing style and the legibility of the presentation. We will comment on how easy your manuscript is to read and understand, and any use of metaphors. In the case of fiction manuscripts, we look at plot, characterization and the use of imagery as well.

Other comments or guidance
Finally, the editor will comment on other aspects not previously addressed, and offer suggestions on how to improve the MS and prepare it for publication.



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  • David Henderson has an amazing work ethic. He is skilled, enthusiastic, considerate, approachable and friendly. He is very knowledgeable in his field and always ready to help or give advice. I would gladly recommend him to anyone looking to connect with a principled professional.
    Lize Jacobs Author of Lost in Chance
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