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Get your eBook published online - using the simple distribution platform for Indie authors.


Smashwords is the world's largest, and the original, eBook distributor for indie authors. Smashwords was created by self-published author (Mark Coker) to make it fast, and easy for any writer to publish their eBook. This eBook distribution platform offers an alternative to direct uploads to each individual eBook retailer. This will help you spend more time writing and less time wasted on admin. 

Within a short time of us uploading your eBook to Smashwords, it's featured for sale on the home page at the Smashwords store. But even better than this is the link to the other numerous online eBook retailers, which is where authors and publishers earn over 90% of their sales when using Smashwords. 

From the Smashwords Dashboard, you control all aspects of the publishing process. This centralized publishing and metadata management is a huge time saver for writers and publishers. The time-savings and simplicity of working with Smashwords are the primary reasons why the vast majority of our indie authors and publishers choose to consolidate their distribution with Smashwords.

Here are some of the benefits for an author of being published through Smashwords:

  • World's largest indie eBook distributor

  • A single platform, helping you reach multiple retailers. Spend more time writing and less time managing multiple retailer platforms!

  • Daily sales reporting from iBooks, Barnes & Noble, Kobo, OverDrive and the Smashwords store.

  • 350,000+ titles published by 100,000+ authors and publishers around the world

  • Global distribution to Apple iBooks (51 countries), Barnes & Noble, Kobo, OverDrive (reach 20,000+ public libraries!), Flipkart (the largest bookseller in India), Oyster, Scribd, Baker & Taylor, Page Foundry.

  • Named "One of America's Most Promising Companies" by Forbes Magazine two years in a row (2014, 2013)

  • Distribution to libraries via OverDrive and Baker & Taylor

  • Earn 60% list at major retailers, and up to 80% list at the Smashwords Store!


Let us help you harness the power of publishing online via Smashwords


South African authors interested in publishing world-wide using Smashwords, please ensure you apply for a PayPal account. This account can be opened at any local FNB branch and is used to collect your royaties from the various online stores. If you don't have this account opened, you will receive royalty payments via posted cheque.


  • MYeBook published my first eBook after I thought I could do it all on my own and, of course, bungled it. They stepped in, asked for the final manuscript and a few other details, and published my book giving it the best chance it could possibly have in this tough
    Maggie Tideswell Paranormal Romance Author
  • David Henderson has an amazing work ethic. He is skilled, enthusiastic, considerate, approachable and friendly. He is very knowledgeable in his field and always ready to help or give advice. I would gladly recommend him to anyone looking to connect with a principled professional.
    Lize Jacobs Author of Lost in Chance
  • David and MYeBook published my book on Amazon and Kindle (see Emotional Time: The Importance of Gratitude), and he created a very professional and quality product. The MYeBook team provide great skill to the publishing process.
    Carl De Wet Author of Emotional Time
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