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Book trailers are still a relatively new concept. But there’s no doubt that they serve as a valuable product for authors to market themselves and their titles. A book trailer, although usually less than 2 minutes long, can advertise numerous elements of your products in a short space of time.


book video trailers


Have a look at this example book trailer we created.



You’ll notice that the audio narration is a segment of audio taken from the audiobook the author is selling. The cover art is also display for most of the video. Links to where customers can buy the print book, ebook and audiobook are displayed in the graphics, as well as the authors own website. Further links and information can be added underneath the video trailer in the description. (Optional music can be added to increase dramatic effect.)



  • A 200 word segment from your book you feel best represents your title. This is the segment that will be recorded by our voice artist.

  • Cover art of your book in high resolution.

  • Links to where your book is being sold.

  • A general theme you want to trailer to have, for example Dramatic, Ominous, Romantic, etc.

  • Any additional information you want to be added into the description section of the video.

  • If you would like music, please send us a reference track that is similar so we can produce the track for you



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